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Disney Parks announces Marvel-ous plans for Disneyland, Paris and Hong Kong!

Disney Parks announces Marvel-ous plans for Disneyland, Paris and Hong Kong!

Disney Parks announced grand plans to add far more Marvel experiences to Disneyland (California Adventure), Disney Studios Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.  The plans include the complete closure of “a bug’s land” in California Adventure!  There’s some pretty cool poster-style artwork as well.

Disney – At Disneyland Resort, the new Super Hero-themed land will begin recruiting guests in 2020, with even more new experiences to follow. The Guardians of the Galaxy will be joined by Spider-Man and the Avengers in what will become a completely immersive Super Hero universe, furthering the evolution of Disney California Adventure park. This new land will be anchored by the popular Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!, in the adjacent space that is currently occupied by “a bug’s land.” “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” closed March 19 to make way for this new heroic experience; the rest of the land will close in late summer.

Disney Parks announces Marvel-ous plans for Disneyland

As part of the transformative multi-year expansion announced for Disneyland Paris, the new Marvel-themed area at Walt Disney Studios Park will include a reimagined attraction where riders will team up with Iron Man and their favorite Avengers on a hyper-kinetic adventure in 2020. This will follow an epic experience launching this summer, when Disneyland Paris hosts Marvel Summer of Super Heroes from June 10 to September 30. Favorite heroes will take the stage for a brand new, live-action super-production featuring cutting-edge special effects and spectacular projections.

Disney Parks announces Marvel-ous plans for Disneyland Paris

Multi-year expansion plans are also underway at Hong Kong Disneyland, including a new themed area that will include an exciting attraction where guests team up with Ant-Man and The Wasp. This new attraction will join the Iron Man Experience, which opened in 2017 and is already the most popular attraction at the resort.

Disney Parks announces Marvel-ous plans for Hong Kong Disneyland

Are you excited for these new Marvel offerings?


  1. Actually I’m glad they’re not doing it here in FL. I’m not at all a super hero fan so I won’t care one way or the other. I think they’re always building new things way after the movies have waned. By then who really is interested in that stuff?

  2. I don’t get it. Me and my family are not into superheroes or Star Wars. And I thought that was what Universal was for? But, there must be a big market for it, or Disney wouldn’t be doing it. Well upshot is maybe it will pull crowds away from the more traditional attractions we like!

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