Home Disney World Is Disney World considering an upcharge Fastpass+ system?

Is Disney World considering an upcharge Fastpass+ system?

Is Disney World considering an upcharge Fastpass+ system?

According to an assignment editor at WFTV, Disney World may be considering an upcharge Fastpass+ system.  Here’s the details:

Chip Skambis is an assignment editor for WFTV in Orlando.  Today he tweeted two things to his Twitter account that speaks to Disney World’s desire to create an upcharge to the existing Fastpass system.

In his tweets he stated, “As part of efforts to expand premium services at a surcharge, Walt Disney World is planning to offer club-level resort guests the ability to purchase three additional, no-strings fastpasses to use on a given day, sources say.”

He created a second tweet shortly after that said, “Sources say the three additional fastpasses will cost $50 (per person) a day and can be used at any park. The service will require a 3 day minimum and will only be available to club-level resort guests, sources say. Disney officials did not immediately return a request for comment.”

My initial reactions to this system would be:

  1.  Why do you need to upcharge a client who is already staying at Club Level?  Wouldn’t those premium clients be the ones that you’d cater to by offering additional complimentary services?
  2. Would those 3 extra Fastpasses be used at high-demand attractions like Avatar Flight of Passage, Frozen Ever After and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?
  3. The only time anyone ever needs any extra Fastpasses is when the park is insanely busy.  Most days an average guest can find Fastpass+ for any attraction, with a little effort.

What are YOUR reactions to this idea?


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  1. One per day you pay for it. From what I understood, Magic Kingdom will be in the garden area in front of Caseys/Crystal Palace. Epcot will be near the water in the Germany pavillion. Seems less clear for Fantasmic and ROL.

  2. I am one of the crazy people who was excited about this. I booked it this morning for our stay over Spring Break. I understand most of the time we wouldn’t need it, but with spring break crowds I thought it would be a perk. You have to call Disney Signature Services and book it directly with them. You can choose a park for the nighttime show at the time of booking. You book your fastpasses directly with them on the phone. Any and all rides are an option. No tier rules. As predicted, only one fastpass per ride per day. As of now, it is only available for booking stays March13-April 12, 2018. There is a separate location for the nighttime show that per the cast member will be separate from all of the other reserved areas ( VIP, Fastpass, Dinner package, dessert party). Pay at the time of booking. Can be cancelled with 24 hours notice. Does not need to be 3 consecutive days. Hope that helps those who are interested!

    • thx for info. do you get a night time show per day paid or is it only one night time show per stay? (3 day stay can book 3 night shows vs 3 day stay gets only 1 night show)?

  3. It seems like since they say ‘no-strings’ anyone that buys this would be able to go into the Fast-pass line for FoP, Sorin’, Mine train etc.- three times without even having to plan in advance. That seems like it would either require Disney to make less Fast-passes avaialbe to the ‘normal’ guests to reserve, or the FP lines would end up being so long at poplular rides, they would no longer be ‘fast-pass’
    I guess time will tell – and I agree that people will pay it. Unless I get a couple of pretty big promotins I could never afford to stay CL and then spend an extra 100 – 200 a day (depending if we take the kids) I am making an assumption that just like park-hopper they would require you to add them every day of your tickets, not just a day or two that you choose.
    However – saying that, if I could afford it – and it would let me go on the popluar rides 3 times without reserving in advance – I would probalby do it. So I am sure there are plenty of people that CAN afford it that will pay it.
    It doesn’t surprise me really, but it is disappointing. I suppose that if some people do stop going because it is priced too hiigh, Disney will be making up that gap with up-charges like this, and they would end up with parks not being over ‘reasonable’ capacity without losing any money.
    Ok – that is probably not true – they want the parks over capacity AND to make more money and making money is what companies are supposed to do.
    The fact that this is contrary to Walt’s vison is probalby true, but I work for a company that was dramatically different 20 yeras ago (in benifits & perks for employee’s) and the people that were running the company when it started – or even 20 years ago, would probably not like how thigs are today – but that is the way it is now – and wishing that it was different itsn’t going to change how Disney conducts busienss.

  4. I can confirm that some type of offer is coming on Friday!! Just was called from Disney Sognature Services because I emailed them about this article. While no specific details were given to me I was told I will hear from them on Friday regarding a NEW OFFER for my upcoming stay

  5. should everyone have an opportunity to go to a DVC event where the park is shut down or left open for DVC members? Or how about the discounts afforded to DVC members on dining, shopping, etc? How is this any different? Its an extra for staying club level

  6. a tour guide costs anywhere from $400 – $600 an hour depending on time of year also I might be mistaken but a tour guide has a minimum amount of time you have to hire them for……. how is that better then this option if it even becomes available. For $200 (party of 4) you have 3 additional fastpasses which would give you 6 in total. I’m not saying this purchase is for everyone but I can see the possibilities of it being useful. If a family was considering purchasing one of those dessert parties you can argue that this would be a better purchase in my opinion

  7. 50.00 not worth 3 two minute rides. Or 100.00 for two of us.. I could buy a nice souvenir that lasts much longer. It seems pretty greedy.

    • When you put it that way ( 50pp for 3 two minute rides then it does sound absurd and insane) BUT if I think about the possibility of fast passes for potentially TT, Soarin, and FEA at Epcot (if that’s possible) or Being able to have fast passes for both rides at Pandora which would cut out hours and hours of waiting time standing in lines then it begins to sound tempting

  8. I’m not happy about it. I think part of what makes Disney so magical is all of the gifts of Mickey, the world class customer service. Being nickeled and dimes takes away from the magic. I agree with Kenny, there’s no way this would be necessary unless in really high crowd periods, just like express passes really aren’t necessary at Universal unless during higher crowd periods. Over the last few years, we’ve been seeing more and more pay to play experiences. I can no longer stand in my favorite spot to watch the parade without scheduling a dining package to do so. Some people are willing to pay for the extras, so I don’t think it will be going away, and regardless, I don’t think it will ruin my trip in any way, because with proper planning, I don’t need to use any fast passes after the first 3. I just feel that the powers that Be are moving further and further away from Walt’s original vision….

  9. People already pay an extra $150 for three extra hours for the after hours events. This is cheaper and no one has to stay up so late. Plus I’m sure any person waiting in the 4hr Avatar line would gladly pay $50 to ride it and 2 other rides… Personally, I use way more than 6 FP on most Disney days, so I don’t need to pay more $$$. I would never do it, but if there is an audience that will pay more $$$, good for Disney for finding it.

  10. HI Kenny! The way I see it lots of people are stupid and will spend extra on almost anything and Disney knows it… That’s why there considering this measure!

  11. The “average” family was priced out a long time ago. Now it’s just more upper middle class or those with good credit or disposable income.

  12. what my understanding is and I may be wrong is there would be no planning to it. It would be added to your magic band almost like anytime fastpasses. There will be no set time, and can go whenever someone would want to if they pay for it. I’m just curious if any rides will be excluded

  13. I’ll admit that I’ve paid for a tour guide a few times at MK and it was well worth the money to skip the lines all day long — we also stayed club level before we joined DVC — and I could always get the extra fast passes out of the concierge w/ a cute kid (I might be raising a pair of hustlers – but hey, good life skills). There’s no way in hell that I’d pay $200 a day for 3 measly fast passes. Maybe for unlimited ones…

  14. If Disney does this, why don’t they also offer a surcharge to Annual Pass holders who stay off site for 3 advance Fast Passes past the 7 days that Disney currently allows? I just got back Sunday from a 3 week Disneyworld vacation and couldn’t afford this long a stay at a Disney resort. Once I got past the initial 7 days of FP’s, made 60 days out because we stayed at BLT the first night, I was limited to FP’s no earlier than noon on most popular attractions. Because I checked MDE a lot at night and between rides, I did alright but would pay to avoid the extra work, depending on the price.

  15. I agree, No Thanks we spent 8 days last summer mid July and absolutely loved the fast pass system and rode many rides multiple times all utilizing MDE app and fast passes, wouldn’t wait in line no matter how fun just a waist of time.

  16. I would 100% pay for extra fast passes, and surprised it took this long to monetized this. For 500 per hour, 6hr minimum, they had made available the vip guides, might as well capture more $ in between that extreme price and everything else in between.

    While I tend to stay at higher priced rooms in deluxe resorts, I would not pay that much more to book a club level room in order to buy the extra passes, but absolutely would pay for passes if the room type bar was set slightly lower.

    Universal does a much better job of tiering the ‘extra fast pass’ access.

  17. Personally I would like to see the entire fast pass system crash and burn. Let’s go back to the way it use to be. All wait our turn!

  18. While I would support the idea of paying for premium FP’s, this plan seems like a slap in the face to us DVC members. There is one DVC option for Club Level and it is extremely difficult to get. (other than sell our points and pay out of pocket for Club level, or pay more than cash price with points transferring over to Disney collection.) We love DVC and with it we have had many wonderful Disney vacations, but I think if they are going to offer a premium FP’s for purchase, they should be open to all guests.

  19. This was guessed to be on the way ever since Magic Bands came into existence and the whole FP+ system.

    When they opened up FP+ to the Spring resorts, I figured something like this was coming down the pike.

    I think it’s a ridiculous charge.

    Family of 4, minimum of 3 days? $600 right there. I guess they figure if you can afford CL, you can afford this.

    If I’m spending that money, it’s for something like a dessert party.

    • Two things different at Universal
      1. Deluxe resort guests get unlimited Express free
      2. Standard guests must purchase Express to use it.

  20. Kenny, I agree with your #1. We had free use-anywhere FP (one per person, per day) at Disneyland Paris for staying Club Level and we used it every day on Big Thunder, which is insanely popular there. I think Hong Kong has a similar system, except the higher your room category, the more passes you get (up to 3, I think?). On the other hand, hotels at WDW have very high occupancy numbers, with high park attendance (getting harder to find a ‘low’ season) so this kinda feels like a money grab.

  21. I am a huge lover of Disney and my family goes at least once a year but the past several visits I have really been frustrated. Now this! It makes me mad. Hasn’t the cost gotten outrageous enough already. And never mind that, under this system you need to be able to afford a club level room in the first place on top of the up charge. It is fast becoming a vacation for the rich only. For what it costs to spend the day at a park your family should be able to ride everything they want to within the course of a visit without having to pay even more money. The crowds have outgrown the parks big time. There just aren’t enough attractions to accommodate the crowd levels going through there on any given day.

  22. I agree with reaction #1 Kenny, guess they think those are the one’s that can afford the surcharge most. $50 seems like a lot even if it includes all attractions but I know guest will pay it. People value their time.

  23. I was glad to find out that the idea wasn’t a charge for the overall use of thr system.

    I don’t see the point in only allowing club level the opportunity to purchase. If you plan well you won’t need the extra no strings passes. It isn’t a big enough “perk” that would make staying club level more enticing to someone not already staying there. For similiar cost you could add an extra day or maybe 2 at a less expensive price point with park tickets.

  24. I almost cried when I saw the title of this fearing oh my gosh they’re going to make fast passes more than I can afford to do. I am glad that the charge is something that people can choose as a perk to do. I also agree with your statement of why charging the club level guest but I guess they assume if they’re already paying for Club level most likely they will pay for those extra fast passes. I’m curious to know if they will have to apply for fast passes in the manner in which they do now at 30 and 60 day marks or if they will have access to fast passes maybe earlier or certain ones only be available for them to choose from meaning if all the fast passes are already taken to the average guest for Mine Train will there be some extra just for that level to choose from.

  25. IF this is true, it’s getting rather ridiculous! Those of us without the funds to stay for the separate Christmas party, for example, don’t get to see lots of Disney’s best anymore. By adding more and more expensive items for the 1%, the rest of us, while still having a wonderful time at Disney World, Disneyland, miss out on what we can’t afford to do beyond the regular admission prices. Either give to ALL of us for the same prices or don’t do it!

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