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Disney World reduces Annual Pass holder dining discount but adds more locations

Disney World extends Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club dining discount

As a part of Walt Disney World’s 45th Anniversary Celebration, the resort offered a 20% discount at 45 select dining locations to its Annual Passholders.  That discount expired December 23, 2017 and it being replaced with a new program.  Here’s the details:

Effective immediately, Annual Passholders will now receive a 10% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at all Walt Disney World owned TABLE service restaurants and dinner shows with the exclusion of Victoria and Albert’s through December 31, 2018

The offer is provided to the passholder and up to 3 guests with no black-out dates.  There is no mention of discounts for counter service locations.

What do you think about this change?


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  1. If the average family can’t afford Disney why are there so many more people in the parks every day of the year? Would you rather they charged less and then get locked out when you want to go to visit because they’re at full capacity. Disney is just keeping up with their popularity and what it cost for them to make amazing new experiences in the Parks. We may have to save for the things we really want to do and a Disney vacation is a luxury I’m willing to save up for.

  2. When we bought our Annual Passes it was so we could save money for entering the parks (we try to go a couple of times a year), anything else is a bonus. The 20% discount, along with the extra month, was meant to celebrate their anniversary, nothing else. We enjoyed the extras but knew it was temporary. In my opinion Disney doesn’t owe me anything else, they are a business who has given options for all. No one is making anyone eat at the parks, bring your own food. For US the annual pass is still a great deal for park entrance. And probably some of those who feel 10% isn’t worth it are among those who complain that Disney doesn’t do anyrhing for them.

  3. This. DVC is the same way and it drives me bananas. Disney is still delivering exactly what you paid for–unlimited park admission for the number of days allotted by your plan or resort stays that match the number of you allotted annual points. Anything beyond that is a bonus, a gift for your loyalty. I had one year where I set out to maximize my AP and DVC usage. I got 35 park Days out of that AP and it cost me roughly $7/day factoring in the cost of 1 memory maker, a perk that is included. The real cost of the points that used that year made my hotel rooms come out to about $100/night, meaning I was staying at deluxe resorts, in some instances in 1 or 2 bedroom rooms, for less than I could have stayed at Pop on cash. How can I say that Disney owes me anything else or that it owes me more than it owes the vacation package guest who is dropping $5000 on their once in a lifetime trip? 20% was announced as a limited time offer and to be honest, I never seemed to hit the restaurants where it was offered. Now it’s 10% on ALL Disney owned table service? For me, that’s better. If I chose 4 restaurants under the old plan and only one of them offered 20%, but under the new plan, 3 of them offer 10%, then I’m better off than I was before. Disney’s expensive. All premium entertainment is. Going to a baseball game to see my home team play is about a $100 investment for 3 hours of fun and it’s only that cheap when I get a comped ticket. People who complain about price increases confuse me. The cost of everything will continue to increase every year. When prices fall (based on CPI, not indivdual prices of things), we are likely in economic depression. That is not a situation that we should ever hope for.

  4. I understand where everyone is coming from on this matter but to be honest you are spending the taxes on the food anyways whether discounted or not, the 20% discount was only supposed to be offered for a short time anyways so we are lucky we are getting anything. The point of annual passes are so that you can go to disney as much as you like for a fraction of the cost. I own the most expensive pass you can get and i renew it yr after yr but i dont blame disney on how much i spend there. It is our choice as humans to spend our money and to patron the restaurants and merchandise. I dont complain about prices bc its no different from any other theme park or experience out there, you are paying for a premium experience. If you dont like the reduction and decide to not patron disney that is your choice but I personally think its a fair move by disney and I will be returning for years to come!

  5. Annual pass holders get nothing? Food discount, free parking, early access to events, see new attractions before general public, 20% off merch, and pays for itself after 3 visits. You must either be lying or just very unaware

  6. Annual Passholders should be treated as valuable clients. The cost of the pass (which has risen astronomically) is about 1/4 of the price it costs the AP holder during the year. To reduce the discount is a real slap in the face. For the first time in probably 20 years, I will not be purchasing a pass which means they wont see me all year. Too crowded, too expensive. They have also redefined for their convenience the definition of handicap. They should talk to the ADA.

  7. I am taking my daughter this upcoming summer,
    She has never been to Disney…
    I am from central Florida,
    She is from Tennessee…
    Looking forward to a week there,
    Just may be a one time visit due to cost…

  8. That is not proper math.
    $100 with 10% discount is 90$ you would only tax 90$ at 6.5% = 5.85 which is then added to 90$. You would owe 95.85 instead of 106.50 $$$

  9. For annual pass holders! It’s not the same as a seasonal football game! My family and I loved Disney so much we moved to Florida and became annual passholders with no black out dates. We quickly found that having the passes did Absolutly NOTHING to save you money. Your going to get robbed no matter what you do. We will NOT be renewing our Platnium Annual Pass for our family of five and probably never go back. The WDW we grew up knowing and living is gone. My apartment complex in Jacksonville offers more luxuries than the resort hotels. They aren’t keeping the park clean like they used to, and Disney constantly finds ways to screw over dedicated fans. The bag of pixy dust is empty. Walt is rolling in his grave!!

  10. I hate when they do stuff like this. Anyone who bought there APs before December 23, 2017 should be grandfathered in to the 20% discount until their pass expires. This is a bad PR move kind of like how ridiculous the parking price has become for non-passholders.

  11. So to clarify – They are taking more benefits away from annual passholders, charging us more, we are certainly not allowed to take part in the extra magic hours….
    And now they’re allowing hotels outside of Disney to participate in Disney perks such as extra magic hours and Fastpass booking. Interesting ….
    It seems pretty clear that Disney World does not like their annual passholders.

  12. I guess u don’t go to a NFL, MLB, or Nhl game ever. The prices there are ridiculous. 12 bucks for a beer. 6 bucks for a bottle of coke Disney price for a coke 3.50 I will take it all day long. Enertainment cost money.

  13. Being that tax is 6.5%…… You don’t really get much of a discount now. Think about it……… 10% discount, then they add back 6.5% for tax. That means you REALLY only got a 3.5% discount.

  14. I think Walt Đisney is rolling over in his grave.
    The average family can’t afford to enjoy the extras not included on ticket price. I have been trying for the last several years and just can’t pull it together.

  15. I only had Epcot after 4 pass. I didn’t renew it because of food prices going up and passholder perks going away. There is more parks then Disney.

  16. I don’t understand, how do think your treated as step children? I feel that a one time single ticket purchase r is the real step children of Disney.

  17. Walt Disney would roll over in his grave. His vision was to have a park that every family could afford. It turned out to be the opposite

  18. Still better than nothing! Also many of the non-Disney owned locations still have their 10% discounts as well. Kenny, do you have a list of the Disney owned TS locations?

  19. 10% at all Disney owned locations is better than 0%. Take what you can get for the cost of the AP or spend the $75 and get the 20% discount with the Tables in wonderland program. Buying an AP for the discounts is a mistake; but the AP for the ticket savings and count the extras as added value.

  20. Maybe if you purchased the passes on a yearly basis you would understand. APassholders spend a considerable more each year then those who visit a few times a year. 10 percent is a rather large reduction.

  21. The cost of annual pass to enter parks as often as I like, alone is a deal. I’ll take and appreciate any additional discounts or perks offered with pass.
    For me, any discount is always better than full price

  22. As an Annual Passholder for years, I’ve noticed that APers are treated more and more like the stepchildren of Disney. We live close by and have been rethinking our decision about renewing.

  23. I knew it was temporary, but I was hoping they’d keep it longer, or add some QS to the options. Such a shame. As locals, we very rarely eat at Disney anyway. If we’re staying through mealtime, we take sandwiches in with us!

  24. I feel as a annual passholder,they should of kept it at 20%. We pay enough for the pass and get very little as perks . Also we have been coming since 1986 and recently noticed how much Disney has cut out or reduced. It’s not the same old enjoyable Disney World. It’s becoming like any old retail business , cutting back to save money. The meals at the expensive restaurants have really cut back on portions ,but raised their prices. We still enjoy coming ,but will come less!

  25. I don’t understand why people get so upset. It’s the same discount as some other annual passes for other parks. Years a go no park offered discounts at all and people still went and ate there (and will continue to do so)If you can’t afford to eat at places like Disney, there is always a fast food service drive thru . A public park to seat down and eat it (or your car) and you don’t have to worry about tipping. It’s your choice.

  26. Hi Kenny! The problem is that the discount ain’t enough… It should have remained at 20%. Annual passes cost lots of money and passholders are loyal customers and Disney lovers who spend a fair amount at WDW and who deserve more respect. Love is a two way road…

  27. 10% is not so great of a discount. I would be really disappointed if I was an AP holder. I feel like there’s constant news of Disney making things more expensive and reducing perks.

  28. This is a bummer. Hard to get reservations short notice for TS. Plus when we go for a day we do not want to waste our time at a TS. If I wanted more discounts for TS I would get the ToW card.

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