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Guests staying at select Disney Springs hotels to be offered 60 day Fastpass and Extra Magic Hours

Guests staying at select Disney Springs hotels to be offered 60 day Fastpass and Extra Magic Hours

Disney announced today that guests staying at select Disney Springs hotels will receive the perk of booking their Fastpass+ 60 days in advance AND Extra Magic Hours benefit, just as they do for Disney branded onsite hotels.  Here’s the details:

“Guests staying at any of the Disney Resort hotels will continue to experience special features offered at a Disney Resort hotel, including legendary Guest service and unique theming, along with benefits like the Extra Magic Hours benefit, the ability to make FastPass+ selections up to 60-days prior to arrival, (both of these benefits require valid theme park admission), the convenience of MagicBands, complimentary transportation (motor coach, buses and ferry boats) around the Walt Disney World® Resort and standard parking at Disney theme parks, Disney’s Magical Express service and the ability to purchase Disney dining plan packages. Those Guests staying in select Disney Resort hotels can also receive other services such as personalized vacation planning, merchandise delivery to their rooms, and easy access to Minnie Van service.

For 2018, we are also extending some benefits that are currently available to Disney Resort hotel Guests and Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel Guests. Each Guest, with a valid theme park admission, staying at one of the Disney Springs Resort Area hotels, which are designated Official WALT DISNEY WORLD hotels will be extended these benefits. The Disney Spring Resort Area hotels include: B Resort & Spa; Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort; DoubleTree Guest Suites by Hilton Orlando; Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Palace; Hilton Orlando Resort Lake Buena Vista; Holiday Inn Orlando; Wyndham Lake Buena Vista; and Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista.

Beginning Jan. 1 through Dec. 31, 2018, Guests at any of these Official WALT DISNEY WORLD hotels, with a valid theme park ticket, can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours benefit as each day, one of the four Walt Disney World Theme Parks opens early or extends later for Guests to enjoy select attractions.

Scheduled to begin Jan. 10, 2018, Walt Disney Travel Company packages are available for online bookings for the Disney Springs® Resort Area hotels. Also, scheduled to begin Jan. 10, 2018, Guests at these Official WALT DISNEY WORLD hotels, who have booked a package reservation for the hotel through a Walt Disney Travel Company package, will be able to link their hotel reservation on My Disney Experience, and with a linked, valid theme park ticket, these Guests can utilize a 60-day booking window for FastPass+ selections. These are benefits that are already available to Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel Guests.”

What do you think of this major change?


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  1. My family has booked rooms at Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista using my husbands Hilton points. I plan to get tickets through Undercovertourist.com. Can this arrangement enable us to link and do Fast Pass 60 days prior to visit?

    • I a Hilton Diamond and booked Hilton LBV with points and linked it to MDE account with no issues. I also have tickets bought from Undercover Tourist and MVMCP tickets purchased from Disney on there. All shows up in MDE no issues.

      In this article it says we should have access to Disney’s Magic Express, is that correct?

  2. Stephanie, can you recalled did the system resolved when it hit the 60 days mark? I could be able to link my hotel reservation (booked the room via Hilton and used Hilton reward points) but still shows 30 days when I am in the past pass page (we are very close to 60 days) Thanks!

  3. Can someone clarify something. I am reading some people saying you must book through Disney and some saying you can book through hotel. I called hotel and they said you can book through hotel. I am gold member for Hilton and get cheaper rates through hotel and get military discounted tickets so cheaper going that route than through Disney.

  4. Thanks for clarifying. It won’t even recognize my hotel confirmation at all. I tried emailing the help desk but I just got their generic response on how to link a reservation. Looks like I may need to call.

  5. From what I recall it took the Confirmation # right away and took a day or two to link it. But when I looked at Fast Pass + it only showed 30 days out for a while, then resolved to 60.

  6. I’m having a problem linking our Best Western Lake Buena Vista confirmation number on my Disney experience. We aren’t close to 60 days out yet, so I’m hoping it’s just the same situation that you’re describing with your Hilton confirmation #. To clarify, did the Disney app not accept it when you entered it before 60 days, but then at the 60 day mark the app recognized your reservation?

  7. I reserved a room at the Doubletree for a May trip back in January, booked direct through the hotel website. Their website states that EMH are available no matter how you book, and I did call to confirm that. On top of that, about a month after this press release the FastPass+ at 60 days became available. I just entered by Hilton confirmation number on My Disney Experience to link my reservations and it did work at 60 days! Although at first it looked like it would only work at 30 days, but then a few weeks after linking my reservation, it worked. I was told by the Doubletree staff to call Disney if it didn’t work at 60 days. Booking through WDW would have been triple for the same hotel, although it did come with more “perks”, but those are things we do not have time for on our short trip.

  8. Just reading this now…to make sure I understand, you must book via Disney for these “off property” hotels to still get the 60 fast pass and EMH benefit, correct? You cannot use reward nights or credit card points to book the room and still get the benefits. Is that correct?

  9. I am booked at the B resort & spa for the week of Thanksgiving of this year. I would love to stay at one of the value or moderate resorts but they are all booked. We’re a family of 5 traveling. So it’s already hard finding a room allowing 5 at a reasonable price. I ,personally, was stoked when I found out about these stay in the magic hotels. Because we want the whole disney world experience. And these hotels offer that at amazing prices. For 3,000$ a family of 5 (3 adults 2 kids) 6 nights including tickets with park hopper. If it wasn’t for these hotels we would’ve had to wait an additional year to go. And these hotels are located inside of Disney world not next door. Way I see It about time they were finally made official.

  10. Will the EMH at disney springs resorts work like the EMH for disney world resorts where EMH starts after you check in? We are taking a last minute trip this weekend, checking into a disney springs hotel saturday morning and checking out sunday. Magic Kingdom has EMH at 8am on saturday, so if we go check into our hotel early in the morning will we be able to go to Magic Kingdom at 8? I know with disney world resorts you can use the benefit of EMH after check in as we have done it before. Thanks!

  11. Has anyone had success with linking a Disney Springs hotel reservation to MDE? I booked with one of the participating hotels but cannot figure out how to link in MDE in order to take advantage of this new FP benefit. Simply entering my confirmation # into the app doesn’t seem to work. It was about a month ago when I booked the hotel (prior to the Jan 10th estimated date).

  12. Exactly which Holiday Inn Orlando- There’s 3 of them on the Good Neighbor Hotels site. Celebration Area, Waterpark, and Lake Buena Vista. I really like the full kitchen suite at the waterpark one!

  13. If I already have a reservation at Double tree for 2 nights preceding our BLT ressie, can I now add my fp at 60 days (for those two early days) if I booked those with hilton points or am I reading correctly that it must be part of a package? AP holder, no tix needed.

  14. I booked Lake Buena Vista Palace and got WDW tix for midFeb. Still cannot link tix to MyDisneyExperience, so not able to get Fast Passes 30+ days out. Multiple cust server reps at WDW and Lake BVP said it isn’t an option. Hotel said MAYBE end of month availability. Definitely a glitch somewhere.

  15. The way I’m reading this is that you have to book a package through the Walt Disney Travel Company to get the Fast Pass benefits. For example, we currently have reservations at the Doubletree in May, booked direct, and their website says you get the EMH. Do we also get the fastness + at 60 days? If I go on the Disney website to book at this hotel the only option it gives me is a package that include mini-golf, ESPN etc. to the tune of $1300 vs $500 for our 3 nights for the same room type. Am I missing something? We do not want these extras as we have limited time in Orlando.

    • You’re confusing regular fp with this add on. Regular fp is for anyone at 30 days out. Regular wdw onsite guests at 60 days and this Club Level guest add on is 90 days

  16. I am thinking booking off site and taking Uber to parks is going to save me a lot of money. I have always stayed on site. Now, what’s the point?

  17. I’m not sure I completely understand how to get these benefits. While my upcoming plans will start out on property, for the first night, I will be moving off property after. Exactly how am I supposed to book if I want access to EMH?

  18. I honestly think that would depend on the AP holder. It would be worse off for semi-local passholders, but those of us who have(or in my case will have) an AP and are further afield, it would mean more days at Disney.

  19. I agree that it will make booking FP+ at 60 days out far more challenging.

    It doesn’t change the fact that unless you plan fastidiously (or use Kenny’s Character Locator or Crowd Calendars), or only go to a morning EMH and then hop out, or hop in to an EMH park before closing, you should avoid the parks with EMH during the day, *especially* avoid the parks with evening EMH during the day.

  20. There has been a net decrease in overall Disney hotel rooms (between DVC conversion and removal (Caribbean beach)). The overall impact will likely be minimal as this benefit is limiting being booked via WDTC and not direct via hotel/reward nights. Will also suggest the rates for these rooms will increase significantly.

  21. This is disappointing. No advantage now to staying at a Disney resort hotel, and also it now seems to be even worse for annual Pass holders. Big dislike. People need to speak up directly to Disney regarding this mess.

  22. No mention of adding magical express to Swan and Dolphin though which I wish they’d add.
    Will be interested to see how this plays out. If I’m a paying customer at a disney resort, I’d think I’d want to keep my FP advantage for the money I’m forking out. Those resorts will still have better and more frequent bus transportation to the parks than the springs’ ones, but wonder at what point the cost of staying on property ultimately sways ppl down the road when there’s not really much more benefit unless you are at BW, Poly, etc with walk in access.

  23. I think this is great bc these are cheaper priced hotels but i do wonder what this will do to the crowd levels and ability to snag fast passes. We are booked for 12/2018 at Art of Animation but am wondering if going with one of these would save us money. What do you think?

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