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How the 6pm Magic Kingdom closings affect Christmas Party guests

How the 6pm Magic Kingdom closings affect Christmas Party guests

For the first time in many years the Magic Kingdom will close to guests who do not have tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at 6pm.  Here’s how it will all work:

At 4pm the entrance gates will open for guests with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party tickets.  The far right side tap points will be for party guests only.  Party guests will be given their wristband and party map.  Regular day guests may continue to enter from the left side entrance.

Guests who used their day tickets to enjoy the low crowds in the Magic Kingdom will be allowed to pick up their wristband inside the park beginning at 4pm.  The pick up points are Mickey’s Philharmagic, Tortuga Tavern and Buzz Lightyear Fastpass Kiosks.  Those entry points are listed on the EXTRA tab at the top on Character Locator, so you can add that detail to your plans.

At 6pm sharp, all attractions will close to anyone not wearing a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party wristband.  Those without wristbands will be directed toward Main Street and the Castle Hub.  Those guests will be allowed to remain on Main Street, watch the 6:15pm Castle Lighting and do some shopping until 7pm.  At 7pm they will be asked to leave the park.

This new guest flow test should prove to offer party guests lower waits for attractions from 6pm to 7pm and certainly from 7pm to 12am.   Fastpass will cease to be available after 5:30pm-6:00pm and the 15 minute late grace period will not be given.   As I announced earlier today, the Magic Kingdom will open at 8am for regular day guests to give them the same number of hours in the park as before.  That 8am hour would be perfect to visit Big Thunder Mountain for repeated rides too!

What do you think about these changes for the 2017 parties?

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Friday 17th of November 2017

This is probably just one of the reasons they changed the closing time to one hour prior to the official party start time. Now non-party guests can get into any queue up until park closing at 6 PM. Therefore, they should be cleared from most lines by the time the party actually starts at 7 PM. As long as you have entered a line by closing time, you get to ride – no different than any other day in the park.

Irving Sanders

Friday 10th of November 2017

whether it's halloween party or Christmas party, we have had seen people w/o party bands rush to get in line for 7dmt etc just before 7 and they are not asked to get out of line. will that Change ????


Friday 10th of November 2017

This is great information! Thank you! We will hopefully be at MK earlier than 4 and it is very helpful to know that we do not need to go to the front of the park for our party tickets/bracelets (I have printed out our tickets, so I'm assuming they can scan those at the locations you mentioned). I've been trying to find an answer about the SOTMK card... I'm hoping since I can't find an answer, they are easier to get than I think? Do we need to line up early for the card? Once we have our party bracelets, can we pick them up early or do we have to wait until after 7? Thanks so much!!

Tracey Horn

Friday 3rd of November 2017

I didn't know that crowds were lower at MK on party days, that is a fantastic tip, will remember 2 years!!! And I will of course refer to your crowd calendars. I hate not being able to plan everything early, but Disney adds so many cool extra things around Christmas, and as we will probably only visit once, I want to DO THEM ALL!!! Will just have to keep updating my plans...or maybe I will need a few personalised plans from Kenny!!!

Irving sanders

Thursday 2nd of November 2017

just went in Oct. and cast members. were doing better job moving non party goers out. BUT last Christmas if non party goers were in line before 7, they were allowed to stay and ride.The line was so long and most did not have party band. Hopefully the the 6pm change will help.

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