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Opening date range for Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios

Opening date range for Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios

Today at the D23 Expo,  Disney announced the date that Toy Story Land will be opening in Disney World’s Hollywood Studios!  

Disney – In Summer 2018, guests will be able to visit Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios to be shrunk to the size of Andy’s toys. You will get to immerse yourself in the sights of Andy’s backyard as you visit with some of Andy’s toys like- Buzz and Woody.

Toy Story Land will open with two brand new attractions! Slinky Dog Dash will be a roller-coaster suited for the whole family. You will be able take the twists and turns of Slinky’s coils after shooting targets at Toy Story Midway Mania.

The second new attractions making its way into Toy Story Land is Alien Swirling Saucers! This new ride was made with a play set that Andy got from Pizza Planet. Beware of “the claw” as the aliens fly around your rocket.

Typically, Disney tries to open attractions and lands around Memorial Day, but they haven’t confirmed that time frame.

Are you ready for Toy Story Land to open Summer 2018?


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  1. I was just wondering if July 27th was a special event or perhaps there were more characters present due to training? In my research, I have never seen that many characters listed in one day! Anyway, thank you for all of the great (and honest) info. it is much appreciated.

  2. Hi Kenny, Wondering why there are a ton of characters in all 4 DW theme parks today?? Is this a regular occurance, like once a week? Or no? I have been researching characters’ times and days of appearance in hope that they will be somewhat similar for our trip. Thank you.

  3. Do we know for sure that this alien swirling saucer is not going to be yet another dumbo, Aladdin, triceratop, or rocket ride? If it is I hope whoever first designed that ride system is still getting residuals. I’m guessing this will be something like maters in carsland, which is only a little disappointing. I was hoping that with only 2 rides, they wold be completely unique. But please no rethemed dumbo.

  4. The roller coaster really sounds cool. Thinking about changing the timing for my 2018 trip to delay until this is opened. Any chance they could bring Jesse back and add Bullseye in terms of meet and greet? Any word of Muppets will close for these rides? I know it’s lame but my daughter still loves that 3D show. Kenny, please keep us posted on timing and BIG thanks for all the great updates today!!!! Terrific work!!!!

    • No. also meet and greet, shopping and Pizza Planet. Small area compared to Star Wars, which also gets only 2 rides.

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