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Hall of Presidents refurbishment has been delayed

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The Hall of Presidents was originally scheduled to reopen from refurbishment on June 29, 2017.  The reopening has been delayed for months.

It’s being said that President Trump will indeed have a speaking role in the new version of the Hall of Presidents, along with the full Presidential roll call.  A new, unnamed virtual host will emcee the attraction.  President  Donald Trump will have a speaking role.

The attraction is only said to re-open in “late 2017.”  If you included this attraction in your Character Locator touring plan, you’ll want to remove that and free up 30 minutes of time.


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  1. I’ll go now that TRUMP is in the oval office… I avoided it when obama was there… so I guess I can walk past him and enjoy our newest PRESIDENT!

  2. I will do the attraction again, but I will wait until Trump is out of office. I understand Disney’s decision, and I can stand to see his AA and listen to his voice as long as I know he is no longer in the Oval Office. It’s just like seeing Nixon up there. Doesn’t bother me because he’s history now. At least the AA Trump won’t be able to tweet.

  3. This sentence is the most surprising thing in that article…” A new, unnamed virtual host will emcee the attraction.” No more Morgan Freeman?

  4. Shame but its the right move… as many others before me when it was President Obama chose to do, so will I sit this one out until a different president takes up the mantle.

    • It doesn’t matter to me which animatronic is speaking. It’s a celebration of freedom and the ability to elect a leader. Some do a better job than others, but it’s still out story. Just my opinion.

  5. Disney should handle the current President the same way it has handled every previous modern President. It should not play politics.

  6. Melissa, thank you for your very level-headed reply. I didn’t vote for the current President and wasn’t happy about his audioanimatronic having a speaking role. But you’re right, someone is going to be unhappy no matter how Disney addresses this. It’s Disney tradition, and I’m happy to let Disney trump (sorry–I really don’t intend the pun) politics ANY day. :)

  7. I’d like to go back to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. It’s so powerful for only Mr. Lincoln to be on the stage speaking words we all need to take to hear again and really take to heart.

  8. It is an awesome attraction. To see the animatronics and how they get more and more sophisticated with each update is simply amazing. No politics, just Disney magic. I see it on every visit.

  9. Yep – being fair. I think that’s the right thing to do – no matter which way Disney decided, a group of people would be “outraged.” People that don’t like that they’re including Trump are the same people that praised the addition of Obama. And those that support the addition of Trump have had to listen to/see Obama in the attraction since he was added.

    Keep politics out and keep tradition in.

  10. I feel it would be preferable if Disney would wait with this decision – at least until all the controversy, scandal and investigations are over. It’s simply too soon.

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