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Review of Disney Movie Magic at Hollywood Studios

Disney Movie Magic REVIEW

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is now offering a new projection show called “Disney Movie Magic” that plays nightly before the fireworks.

The next time you’re at Hollywood Studios for the evening, I suggest arriving a little bit earlier for the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks to view the new projection show Disney Movie Magic.

Disney Movie Magic will give you a glimpse into a piece of Disney movie history through each scene displayed onto the buildings.

Disney Movie Magic REVIEW

Disney Movie Magic is a 10 minute projection show that pays a tribute to a variety of Disney’s live action films. It features scenes from Mary Poppins, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and many more.

The film scenes are projected onto the Chinese Theater and are best viewed near the center stage courtyard. I suggest finding a place to watch Disney Movie Magic and the fireworks about 20 minutes before the start of Disney Movie Magic.

Disney Movie Magic REVIEW

This projection show was released secretly by Disney and does not even appear on My Disney Experience yet.

To view the schedule for Disney Movie Magic, visit Character Locator.

Click here to watch a video of Disney Movie Magic:

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  1. I think that we may cancel our Star Wars dessert party for next week, if they are not bringing you out in time to see this show.

  2. I did not see a specifically marked area for disabled seating. Cast members were ushering guests with disability passes and wheelchairs into better viewing places but, there was not a specific seating area.

  3. When we were at Hollywood Studios a few days ago, we sprang for the “Star Wars Galactic Spectacular” (which plays right after this), and despite the generous spread that had been laid out for us the in Launch Bay, the “reserved” viewing area was basically right in back of the people who’d probably lined up an hour or so in advance dead center of the projection area. There was no seating for anyone.

  4. Do cast members make the waiting crowds stand up for Movie Magic, or do they wait till right before the Star Wars fireworks?

    • The night we viewed Disney Movie Magic, everyone was seated until about 2 minutes into the show. There were still people on the sides that continued to sit but, many people in the center decided to stand. The crowd was not asked to stand up and move forward until after Disney Movie Magic had finished.

  5. Thanks for the info, Kenny! My son will love this! Wondering how this affects those that are attending the Star Wars Dessert party? Do they bring the group out with enough time to view this too?

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