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Disney World park hours increased for May, June and August

Disney World Crowd Calendar and Park Hours 2018 and 2019

Overnight Disney updated it’s park hours for one date in late April, much of May, early June and August.

April 22 the park hours were increased for Magic Kingdom.  You can find that on my April Disney World Crowd Calendar.

May 7 through June 3 the park hours were increased for Magic Kingdom and many dates at Animal Kingdom.  The Magic Kingdom also saw Once Upon a Time night time show added to the schedule.  You can find those updates on my May Disney World Crowd Calendar and June Disney World Crowd Calendar.

All of August saw increased park hours for Hollywood Studios and Star Wars Fireworks were added.  The A Galactic Spectaular Dessert Parties haven’t been added to the system yet, but should be added very soon.  You can see the updates on my August Disney World Crowd Calendar.

I’m hoping to have the Crowd Calendar available for November 2017 very soon.  I’ll create a post letting you know when it’s ready.


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  1. Right now HEA is not on the calendar for late August. Do you think there is the possibility it might still be added? I have a trip planned for 8/26-9/1, so if the calendar stays as is I’ll be missing it by 1 day. Ugh!

    • It could be added later (glitch or oversight) or it could go down for refurb. No way of knowing this far out. I’d plan for it on any night that isn’t a party at this time.

  2. The may hours don’t really seem to have increased. Have they? Magic Kingdom until 10pm on Memorial day seems short.

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