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What’s the deal with Jasmine’s new costume?


I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me questions about Jasmine’s new costume that debuted at the first Halloween Party.  Here’s a few responses for you.

Jasmine new costume at Walt Disney World tall

Jasmine has a new dress that she is wearing on a regular basis since the first party and guests aren’t very fond of it.  I’ve received comments like “hideous,” “travesty,” “ugly,” and “silly.”  I’m not very fond of the costume either, but it is her new meet and greet costume.

Was this an over reaction from guests complaints?

From what I was told, it was not a reaction to guest complaints about her showing her tummy or wearing a bikini style top.  It was part of the overall redesign of all the Princess costumes that has occurred over the last two years.

Is this permanent?

Well, as I always say, “Nothing in Walt Disney World is permanent.”  But, it is the regular meet and greet dress that Disney World wants to provide on a daily basis.  However, if you preferred the original outfit that more closely matches the movie, you should contact Disney World.  Mickey’s redesign that they wanted to use for the new Mickey’s Friendship Faire only lasted about a week because guests didn’t like it.

What do you think about this redesign?  Leave your comments here or on my Facebook page.

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  1. Disney could modify the look of Princess Jasmine like this: the buffy pants with the veil and the top with sleeves veiled like the image, only with the belly sample. Since Disney wanted to cover the princess could do in that style. Leave the pants with the veil and the top with the sleeves more transparent with the belly sample. It would look much prettier and look like the modified design

  2. I think the original look fits the disney Jasmine better. That said, I think this new costume fits what the “real” Jasmine might have worn, if Agrabah was real. People forget quickly that this story was about an indian princess, and this clothing style more accurately references that culture. Neither woyld be accurate of a Muslim one, unless Jasmine was a harem slave, that is.
    Its all a moot point, as, once again, people forget very quickly. Im going to assume that Disney will reboot “Aladdin” and this will now be Jasmine’s look.
    I say meet in the middle. Lose the shoulders and give Jasmine back her iconic neck bracelet. Make the pants covering a bit more sheer.
    Lastly, can she get her old hairdo back? That was one of my favorite features of the original Jasmine, that impossibly thick hair!

  3. I liked the original a lot more, as it reflects the movie. If they had to change it, they should have done her purple outfit. I also don’t like the new Mulan, as it also doesn’t match.

  4. Amen Lisa! You’re spot on. Jasmine is probably the most comfortable with her sexuality of all of the princesses and was never afraid to tell a guy to beat it if she wasn’t utterly impressed with him. Covering her up, to me, is like shaming her; like saying there was a mistake made in allowing her to wear clothing that revealed her midriff. (omg a midriff, i cant control myself! Said no man ever)

    These characters are meant to have attendants and should never be enduring any sort of harassment. The attendants are well trained to handle such situations and Disney police will escort guests from the park and take their entrance pass or cancel their annual pass. If that didn’t happen it was the fault of the attendant in charge of Jasmine’s safety. The answer would be hiring a competent attendant.

    Even if they wanted to cover more of Jasmine’s skin so she could avoid having her bare midriff touched by strangers (though I never heard a Jasmine complain while I worked in the parks) or to keep her warm etc, there was no reason to dress her like my great grandmother! All I can think when I see it is “they are body-shaming Jasmine”. You can shame a woman for looking too appealing just like you can shame a woman for not looking appealing enough.

  5. I saw Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire yesterday and Mickey and Minnie were both in their new looks.

    On the subject of Jasmine – I agree with the general consensus. I wouldn’t go as far as to call her hideous and all of those other derogatory terms which all of the lovely people have mentioned here.
    But I will say that it is in no way accurate to the film. It’s not even accurate to her new design on the merchandise.
    I’m glad though that Aladdin is still appearing in his original look at Magic Kingdom.

  6. So they get rid of Marie which was my youngest daughters favorite and now they change Jasmines dress who is my oldest daughters favorite. Well Disney quit changing things. These kids learn and watch the characters through the movies, when you change things like this is messes with imagination of what they were hoping for when they arrive at Disney. They need to get back to the characters and remember it is ok to keep the same old characters around wearing the same old thing. Kids love that…

    • Princess’ outfits should only match what they wear in a movie. Kids have to associate it to something. Minnie in ANY outfit though is perfectly acceptable. :-)

  7. I understand the need for the change, but I think Disney should have chosen the purple dress that Jasmine wears in the movie. It’s more modest and is something that little girls will recognize and actually want to wear.

    • I was there yesterday and saw Jasmine’s outfit and I think it looks better in person there then in the pictures, but like everyone is saying it is not Jasmine. I like the original outfit. They need to change her back.

  8. I think it is totally sad these poor girls get treated like that. They are just trying to make magic happen for guests, but I don’t think it would be a terrible idea to make the bikini shell longer but still keep the “look”. regardless of the costume, perverts like that should be removed and banned from the park without question. Disney should be protecting their characters more. I think there should be a character handler within eye sight at all times to help them get out of scary situations like those. I just wrote my email to Disney regarding all the frustration with the Halloween party cuts and princess costume changes. Hopefully if enough people complain they will do something.

    • Characters do have people with them. (I used to work in Entertainment at WDW.) Every meet and greet (including dining locations) has at least one attendant and most have photopass as well. In Jasmine’s case, she’s least likely (considering her Pocahontas, and Mermaid!Ariel) to have physical harassment from guests because not only does she have an attendant, but she also has her man and he’s got an eye for that.
      I agree with Carmen that they should have gone to the purple dress instead of making Jasmine the second princess to wear something in the park that she never wears in the film (the first being human!Ariel). It’s recognisable, it’s pretty, it’s modest — no problems; smart choice. This dress, while an appeal to the current culture of most of the Middle East, doesn’t make sense in context with the characters and the film, in my opinion (and I could get into a lengthy discussion about that, but I don’t want to bore anybody (but, to those it may concern, notice that she never shows her midriff outside her home. Her iconic outfit are her comfy clothes — she where’s them at home. She wears the brown robe when escaping the palace and she wears the purple dress when making a public appearance (also, Aladdin is apparently B.C. because of the building of the sphynx. In Egypt, bare breasts were a thing)).
      That all said, I’m actually more concerned with the hair. It looks too much like Belle’s to be distinctly recognisable. She needs the extra volume below the chin.

      The main issue is that character integrity seems to have been dropped like a hot potato. If it’s not true to the character, their animation, their world, their story, and bringing them to life, then what /is/ the point?

      Intended for this to be my two cents, but it seems I handed you a chunk of change. Sorry, guys. :)

  9. Well thank you humans for ruining Disney and warning me to never go again as I’ll be meeting characters that aren’t really the characters I’m paying to see. This is so shameful the park feels the need to make this change due to complaints and disgusting perverts. I get a little bit of coverage but you just had to make the top a bit longer, not wrap her in a curtain. It also doesn’t highlight individual culture either with is disappointing

    • The new costume is actually a lot more culturally relevant than the old one. She would never have shown her midriff in the time period the movie is supposed to have taken place. But the old costume is more beautiful for sure.

  10. I understand from a friend who works at Disney that this new outfit is so she will be dressed like a real Middle Eastern princess instead of a belly dancer. A real princess and even ordinary Middle Eastern Muslim ladies would never dress like a belly dancer. I just wish they had kept her color scheme for the new outfit.

    • Yes, the politically correct move, not surprising but totally UNFIT TING for this character. The entire point of Jasmine is that she is an unconventional free thinker, and not bound by tradition. The PC crap has got to stop. I’m a huge Disney fan and we go to WDW often, but there is only so much of this that we are going to take. Disney even feels pressured to contradict its own movies plots and characters. Yeesh

  11. I appreciate the attempts at modesty. Thank you Disney for that! However . . . I don’t understand the redesigning of all of the princesses, not loving this trend.

  12. My only complaint would be the costume seems put together so quickly. It looks more like something I would get at party city then an offical Disney outfit.

  13. I showed my DD (age3) who is obsessed with Jasmine this photo, and she had no idea who it was. This is so disappointing for children who love Jasmine featured in Aladdin, not some politically correct, non-offensive, fully covered, 1930’s version of Jasmine.

    • I totally agree… why keep making changes to everything to please the few and not keep things the same for the majority? What’s next, a head scarf?

    • Then perhaps you need to watch the other 2 Aladdin movies. :) The white dress is from Aladdin 3. It’s her wedding dress. Try showing your daughter the other movies and then see what she thinks. :)

  14. Honestly, I can’t believe they’re changing a costume from twenty-three years ago to be more “modest”. We’re supposed to be moving forward in social progression, not backward. I can understand, also, them maybe wanting to give a more “princess” line of outfits, but design a better gown for her to wear that is more aesthetically in line with Aladdin’s production design.

    • I guess given that logic people will wear fewer and fewer clothes until they wear nothing, like people before clothes were invented not much of a way to step forward :-)

  15. As a former dancer myself, why not use the sheer skintone fabric to cover the belly ? It would give the same look, be more breathable and be a little more modest (which i do prefer some modesty but dont care for this either ).

  16. I think during a time when sexiness is creeping into even toddler and young children’s movies and stories, it’s refreshing to have a little modesty reintroduced.

  17. I’m sure the Jasmines of Central Florida are thrilled to be wearing this vs. the old costume. How are they going to tart down Ariel?

  18. I like the idea of this fine, but the execution isn’t great. Perhaps they could have used a design similar to the purple outfit she wore toward the end of the movie. Or they could’ve turned up the color on this to more of an aqua. Maybe they don’t want the color to match any of the other princesses’ dresses too closely. Coincidentally, this looks more like the fabric color Cinderella’s dress should be!

    • BTW, I would imagine it takes a brave and confident young woman to wear the old outfit, especially since comments I’ve seen about it make it clear to me she is often objectified. I’ll bet this is the character meet that most often results in a young woman being hit on by much older men (most of them dads with their kids). Ew. While I agree this design isn’t the best, I don’t think Jasmine’s little fans will have trouble recognizing her. Mine didn’t when I showed the the pic.

  19. Agree it is awful and over all I think Disney is forgetting what makes it magical…. If it is not broken don’t fix it!!!! This does not look like Jasmine at all bring back the original costume!!!

  20. My grandkids won’t even know that this is Jasmine!! They know her in her traditional costume. It was much prettier than this gown. What a disappointment.

    • Totally agree! My grandchildren wore her traditional costume when we last visited Disney World and it totally suited them. Don’t picture them in the new costume.

  21. Why is it hideous?

    Because you never put gold on silver (even if the silver is a very light blue). That’s like painting yellow on white. Even old heraldic rules forbade putting a ‘metal on a metal’ i.e., gold on silver.

    I can understand why they want all the princesses to have a ‘ball gown’ (can’t wait to see what they do with Pocahontas), but, they should be pretty ball gowns and this is… hideous.

  22. Prefer the movie costume. My granddaughter chose the movie costume to wear when we visited Disney World last year and she looked precious. Don’t picture her wearing the new, bulky, colorless design.

  23. It isn’t even recognizable as Jasmine. And I hate to say it but it’s ugly. Why would they change it to something that doesn’t look authentic to the character people recognize from the film?
    What is the best method to contact Disney to give feedback?

  24. It’s fine, it’s weird that her costume has remained the same for so long and they choose to change it now. But honestly there’s bigger things in the world to complain about.

  25. Where can we send something to Disney? I would really like to put forth my opinion, this looks nothing like her in the movie (neither does Pocahontas and Mulan)

    • I saw a Jasmine in the castle restaurant being completely sexually harassed by two guys who wanted to pay her to come to their hotel room in costume. They were touching her and saying things in front of children that were completely beyond the pale. She looked like she want to scream and bolt. If this is a common occurrence, it may be a good idea to make it less revealing.

      • Except that this perpetuates the idea that women should have to cover up if they don’t want to be raped/sexually harassed/ etc. That’s a bunch of crap. The fault is in those men, not the costume (which isn’t even that revealing overall – should I be terrified the next time I’m at a water park in a bikini?). And never mind the fact that women still get raped/assaulted/harassed when they are wearing as much as or more than the new costume.

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