Disney World Crowd Calendar August 2017

Hollywood Studios updates August and September hours with fireworks and some Disneyland refurbishments

Walt Disney World park hours for Hollywood Studios for the month of August and September 1-5 have been updated and now include Star Wars Fireworks through that period of time.  Check my August and September Crowd Calendars for the schedule for your travel dates.

Additionally, I’ve updated my Attraction Refurbishments page to include some upcoming closures at Disneyland.

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16 thoughts on “Hollywood Studios updates August and September hours with fireworks and some Disneyland refurbishments”

  1. They opened up dessert party until Sept 5th but no availability…..still not sold out for dates in July. Could they really be sold out for all of Aug already?

    1. i’m trying to book for august and was wondering the same thing. i called disney today and the woman i spoke with said she couldn’t book beyond july 31, and her best guess was they are “working on updating the site” and it’s not really all sold out. keep checking back!

  2. That’s great, thank you. I’m now just waiting for them to release the dessert party times with the updated hours for September 3rd! Should be fun. :)

      1. No dates in September are showing available, ugh. Was anyone able to book in September? I feel like they are releasing it a little at a time. I just feel like it’s impossible to be sold out yet. I think they are working out the kinks since it’s so new.

      2. I just got September 3rd. Those of you who want September, it’s open through the 5th! go book. I’m so excited. lol

  3. Thanks Kenny! Any guess as to when they might release Star Wars Fireworks times beyond Sept 5? Or a guess if you think they will continue them nightly?

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