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Another Prince gets cut from Walt Disney World

Tiana and Naveen to host Ice Cream Social and parade viewing

It’s becoming even more difficult to find strong male, face characters at Walt Disney World.  Princesses rule the Kingdom here and another great male character will, unfortunately, be cut soon.

Prince Naveen will find his final day of meet and greets at the Magic Kingdom on Thursday, June 16, 2016.  He is being removed from meet and greets at Walt Disney World as Princess Tiana will become a regular sidekick to Rapunzel at Princess Fairytale Hall.  Cinderella will share her meet with Princess Aurora and Snow White will currently remain at the front of the park.

Anna and Elsa’s last day in the Magic Kingdom is also June 16.  Their official opening day in their new Royal Summerhus in Epcot is supposed to be June 21, along with the new Frozen Ever After ride.  We are still wondering if there will be soft openings before the 21st.


  1. Another reason why we need Star Wars area to open sooner rather than later. More characters for boys to meet with. The magic kingdom is getting to the point that it will only have cartoon animals for the boys. They’d better not cut Gaston or the Beast.

  2. Bummer! My daughters will be disappointed as they got to meet them on last visit but no autographs due to rain. They were hoping to get his autograph this time around. How likely is it for us to run onto a training meet at Epcot during July as that is when we are visiting. I do know a friend was as Disney two weeks ago and ran into Prince Eric with Ariel at an Epcot training meet.

    • Now that I realize it; it is not real a cut. It is economically worse (disney is losing money). Anna and Elsa are being moved, and they still are available to meet all day. Now disney has to make Tiana and Princess Aurora have meet and greets all day long, but removing the 1 or 2 sets that Naveen had, so Disney is essentially losing money.

  3. So disappointing! He was our favorite meet when we were there. His interaction with my daughter was one I’ll never forget.

  4. Naveen will most likely be at the Christmas party along with the other princes, but we may not see The Prince (Snow White’s prince). Moving Tiana and not Snow White means you guys still have a chance at meeting dopey. PS I bet u all that you will see Louis talk in Mickey’s royal friendship fair, see naveen and see some villian from frozen, tangled, or princess and the frog. Cause what is a show with no opposing force.

    • One must remember that not every guest can attend a Christmas party, so they may be missing their one opportunity to meet him this summer or fall. Good point about Dopey popping up from time to time. Fortunately we have Palooza too for that. Louis will be in Friendship Faire.

      • That is true not every one can go. I said that accidentally because I live a couple of hours away, and I take Disney world for granted, which I shouldn’t. Also, I mean that I predict that Louis’ mouth will open and close and he will blink during the show, I bet you Kenny. Also, remember Mickey and Minnie will get their new look next week, because of shanghai.

  5. I am sooooooo glad I had the chance to meet both of them on two of our trips in which I Disney Bound as Tiana!! This was one of my favorite meets and greets. I not only loved how you could meet both of them together but also how pretty the gazebo setting was. Such a shame. Now I hope they never remove Tink from her beautiful setting. It was bad enough they got rid of the other faries before I had a chance to meet them.

  6. Bummer! I wonder if he’ll be meeting at the holiday parties still? The meet and greet we had with Naveen and Tiana at last year’s Christmas party was one of the most fun character meetings we’ve ever had!

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