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Disney Jr Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine will no longer live singers

Disney Jr Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine will no longer live singers

Hollywood and Vine character meals for Breakfast and Lunch have featured live singers to create a fun atmosphere for guests who wish to meet the Disney Jr characters and enjoy a nice meal.  Effective immediately, the equity singers have been removed from the Breakfast and Lunches.

Kids have truly enjoyed the live singer fun sing-alongs with Jake, Sofia, Doc and Handy Manny over the last few years, but, sadly, that element (live singers) has been cut from this dining experience.

If you’re visiting these meals over the next several days, would you report back in the comments section to let us know how your experience goes at Disney Jr Play and Dine?


  1. Just ate there this morning. We were very disappointed. It was the highlight of our trip last year. Today, there was no show aspect at all– no song audible overhead or dancing. The waitress told us that they no longer feature the show aspect just the characters coming to the table. My son likes the characters much better from a distance. We also have reservations for later this week– we’re canceling.

  2. We were there for lunch today. We haven’t been to Disney World before so not sure what it was like previously, but it was pretty much the same as our character dinner at Tusker House last night. We ate our buffet meal as the Disney Jr characters walked around to tables to greet guests, take pictures, and sign autographs. There was no dancing or singing of any kind. There happened to be mostly Disney Jr themed music playing, but it was definitely background noise – none of the characters seemed to notice the music, even when their own theme songs came on. I asked the server, and she seemed to be disappointed that things had changed but said that service is much quicker now. All 4 characters came by our table within about 20 minutes of us being there. We were there around an hour, and they came by at least twice during that time and a couple of them came by 3 times!

  3. We were there June 9 and it was pretty much the same as the above except the CM wasn’t singing the song. There was a recording of the character singing. I don’t think it has anything to do with budget cuts because the CM was still there leading the dancing. They just weren’t the ones singing.

    Frankly, I think the new way is better because it sounds like the characters are the ones singing not a cast member.

  4. “will no longer live singers”

    I understand getting rid of them for budget cuts, but why did they have to kill them?

  5. Awww I hope they change their minds. Only reason we go for lunch is for the characters and sing a longs. Kids will be disappointed if there’s no sing along.

  6. We are going in September and booked a reservation here for our 5 yr old specifically so he can meet the characters he loves watching. Have just the singers been eliminated or have the characters been also? Thanks in advance

  7. We were there a few days ago and the singers were still there. It was nice, but the characters would stop to sing too so it took much longer to see the characters at the table.

    • I agree. I have no idea what Disney’s reasoning is, but this meal takes FOR.E.VER because of the singing. We lacked two characters by the time we’d finished eating so we had to cut in and get autographs so we could go. And we’d been there over an hour.

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