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Disney World restaurant to test walk-in availability

Disney World testing walk-up reservations

Disney World continues to test and adjust with it’s restaurant availability services.  The Skipper Canteen recently moved from walk-in only to same-day reservations to regular 180 day Advanced Dining Reservations.  The Magic Kingdom will now provide another test for it’s guests.

The Plaza Restaurant will now test providing fewer Advanced Reservation and more walk-up availability.  Beginning July 17, 2016 Advanced Reservations will only be available from 11am to 12pm booking range daily.  After 12pm, the restaurant will be walk-up only.

Many guests have complained about the overall lack of Table Service dining for those with no advance plans, so Disney is testing this model and could adapt it to some other restaurants in the future.  Dining availability is at its absolute worst during Free Dining weeks, when even unpopular locations are booked solid months in advance.

If you cannot find a reservation for a table within one of the parks, I recommend trying to search the nearest resort.  You can often find some great meals at the resorts and they are often easier to book at the last minute.

NOTE:  This does NOT affect those who have already booked dining reservations for the Plaza Restaurant.  Those reservations will still be honored.


  1. Kenny, just curious, we have 2 confirmed reservations at the Plaza (love the sandwiches – lighter fare by Disney standards! .. haha!) for our upcoming trip in August: both reservations are after 12pm … how did you confirm/who did yo speak with to confirm that existing reservations would be honored? Thank you!

  2. We were in Magic Kingdom last week and the server told us they were doing “limited” testing of BOG walk-ups. By “limited” I guess they mean “secret,” as I’ve never seen it written down anywhere.

  3. This is interesting, as Disney wants us to plan more and more in advance, but is still trying to accommodate guests who are more spontaneous. I’ve got to imagine it’s tough to find a middle ground to please everyone. Thanks for sharing!

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