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Tree of Life Awakenings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom


Tree of Life Awakenings is a new creation for Disney’s Animal Kingdom that involves animations, music and sound projected upon the park’s iconic centerpiece.  Here’s how to view it and what to expect.

You can only view the show from the front Oasis side of the tree of Life, it does not display from the rear sides in Asia or Africa.

tree of life awakenings at Disney's Animal Kingdom

All during the night the tree comes alive in small ways with animals that are sculpted upon the tree springing to life momentarily, only to return to it’s original form.

tree of life awakenings at Disney's Animal Kingdom 4

Every 20 minutes a more full featured show is provided that is sure to amaze you.  There are 3 different shows.  We watched the final show of the night which was offered at 11:20pm and it was the highlight of our late night experience.

tree of life awakenings at Disney's Animal Kingdom 5

Guests often sit on the ground and watch for long periods of time.  No Fastpass is offered or required for this experience.

“Hummingbirds” is shown at each :00 of the hour.  9:00, 10:00, 11:00pm

I call this show “Disney Movies.”  It is shown at 20 minutes past the hour beginning at 9:20, 10:20 and 11:20pm.

I’ll return tonight to get more examples of this great new show.  Don’t miss this when you visit!

tree of life awakenings at Disney's Animal Kingdom 2

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  1. Do you have an update on this? some other sites say there are 4 distinct shows – is this true? Are the shows still on an hourly schedule so we can plan to catch all of them? Thanks for your response.

  2. I actually have goosebumps from seeing all this!! We are going in early October and now I’m even MORE EXCITED!! Thanks so much for sharing, Kenny!!

  3. I only got to see the tiniest bit of this, but was there much later to watch the animals move. I liked the jungle book show, for the most part. The real hit for me last night was the safari. Was on it somewhere around 9:15-9:30. I’ve never seen the animals so close to the ride vehicles. Of course it’s only my 630th time, or so. We even got to hear the male lion roar(at fireworks, I think). Our guide was genuinely very excited, as were we.

  4. This really looks amazing! Was the Jungle Book night show as big a “fail” as some bloggers were saying?

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