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Busch Gardens releases full POV video of Cobra’s Curse ride #StrikingDistance


When I first saw Cobra’s Curse from a distance during construction, I thought, “Oh that looks like a simple little coaster.”  Well, as Adam Sandler once said, I “underdemeciated” this coaster.  It is a snake that definitely has some twists for you!

It begins with a unique elevator style lift system and you experience a section of the coaster in a normal fashion before the Curse strikes the first time and you have to travel the rest of the coaster BACKWARDS.  But the Curse isn’t complete yet, you’ll also begin spinning as you experience Cobra’s Curse.

Snakes will also be included in the queue to help guests understand the necessity of these beautiful animals in our ecosystem.  Don’t worry, each snake is safely kept behind glass.

Maximum Speed: 40 mph
Ride Length: More than 2,100 feet of track, 70 total track segments
Ride Duration: More than three and a half minutes
Seats: Up to 8 trains at a time, with 8 riders per train
Height Requirement: 48 inches to ride alone, 42 inches with parent or guardian
Ride Experience: The Cobra’s Curse ride experience unfolds in chapters: First, you will be facing forward for the first third of the ride and then be turned backwards for the second segment. Finally, for the final third of the ride, you’ll free spin into frenzy.
Queue Line: The air-conditioned queue line features an exhibit with live snakes, interactive elements and projection mapping technology to tell the story of the Snake King.
Snake Icon: 30,000 lb. in weight
80-feet tall
Four-foot-long fangs
Three-foot-wide eyes
This massive structure was constructed of nine stackable pieces. It has an internal steel spine and an outer shell composed of carved foam and fiberglass.
First Vertical Lift: The first experience on this ride is a lift that is one of a kind! This vertical lift functions in a similar way to an outdoor elevator and will take riders up in their coaster car to put them face- to-fang with the 80-foot Snake King.
Second Vertical Lift: The three-and-a-half-minute ride will also feature a second inclined lift that positions riders or the free-spin finale of the ride.
Location: Egypt area of Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay
Manufacturer: MACK Rides, Waldkrich, Germany

Would you dare to take on the Cobra’s Curse?


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