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If you’ve been searching for Anna and Elsa Fastpass, here’s some news

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Anna and Elsa’s stay at the Magic Kingdom was just extended. They will be around Fairytale Hall a little longer than was originally projected.

Anna and Elsa FP

Anna and Elsa will now remain in Magic Kingdom at least through June 11, 2016. On June 12 Fastpass+ isn’t available for them or Cinderella/Rapunzel.  It could be extended further.  I’ll keep an eye out for you.

It is expected that they will eventually offer Fastpass+ for their upcoming Epcot meet.

When they move to Epcot, it is likely that Snow White and Princess Aurora could move back into Fairytale Hall.

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  1. So if I am understanding this right, Anna & Elsa will still be at Magic Kingdom on 6/1/16? If so did the fast passes already open up & fill up? I have been checking everyday and never saw any open. thank you

  2. I’m about to book my FPs tomorrow (for arrival date 13th July) but since Anna & Elsa are not available, do I have to just keep checking until their Epcot location is ready for FP? Will you be sending us subscribers an update when they open FP?

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! ! I was able to snag FP+ for June 10th. I have been watching and waiting to hear more info about their move to Epcot hoping to catch them there along with the new Frozen ride…I am a little disappointed too because I feel this means the ride won’t be open during our visit. On the other hand, it is Disney and magic happens every day. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  4. I’d love for Snow White and Aurora to move back into fairytale hall! Although I wonder what tier the fast pass will be in Epcot?

  5. Thanks for the update! I was able to switch one of our FP’s for Friday June 10th and there were plenty of times available for the A&E meet and greet. We will have 2 very happy little girls!!

  6. Do you think this means that the Epcot Frozen ride will also not be open until at least June 12th? Thanks for all of the great info!

  7. Hahaha, we just booked Early Morning Magic for June 7th in anticipation of lining up to get first dibs on A&E; literally bought tickets 2 hours ago. And now their FP is back. The irony :)

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