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Kilimanjaro Sunset Safari Fastpass+ is now available

Details for Kilimanjaro Safaris after dark

Great news! Kilimanjaro Night Safari Fastpass+ are now available. I’m excited to get to see this all new after dark experience.

The new experience will begin on May 27, 2016. Other night experiences begin the same day, but the new Jungle Book: Alive with Magic isn’t listed yet.


Speead the news!


  1. Kenny, now knowing the jungle book show is at 9pm, what would be the ideal time to go on the night safari? I currently have 9-10pm fast pass for this and going straight after show? Would it be better earlier with chance to catch sunset? Thanks for your help.

  2. I really appreciate all of your info. I was able to book the night safari for early June. Any idea when the new frozen ride and meet and greet will open? I have seen “June”. We are there the very beginning of the month and are hoping it will be open.

  3. And of course it would all start AFTER my trip…oh well I can always see it next time. Maybe next year everything will be up and running for ALL the parks…well except for StarWars & Toy Story Lands…and maybe Pandora…and maybe they will have Rivers of Light up and running. Enjoy all- come back and tell me all about it.

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