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Meet Jiminy Cricket for a limited time

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Jiminy Cricket has become one of the more elusive characters to meet in Disney World over the last few years.  Here’s how you can locate him for a limited time. 

In celebration of “Earth day” Jiminy Cricket will appear for an entire week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  He will be located in Rafiki’s Planet Watch from April 17 through 23 and should be available from 10:30am to 4:30pm during those dates.

I’ve added him to Character Locator so you can include him in your Touring Plan.

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  1. YES, I planned a trip on the 23 and 24, just to see Jiminy; it is great living 2 hours away from disney. Kenny, I really miss when animal kingdom had more “jungle/animal” friends; I have pics with prince john, Br’er rabbit, Br’er bear, Timon, Koda, and Kenai. Base on the day, earth week and it is jiminy’s last day there, do you think there will be any pop up characters. I really want to meet Thumper, Miss Bunny, Meeko and Governor J. Ratcliffe etc.. I know meeko is more common, but gov. ratcliffe is becoming easier to find than he was before.

  2. What the what!?!? I would love to do a meet & greet with Jiminy. What a fun opportunity to meet an extremely rare character. Wish I was coming to WDW sooner than 2018.

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