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Pros and Cons of the 4th Fastpass from your mobile device

Pros and Cons of Disney World 4th Fastpass

Yesterday I set out to do a 1st day test for the new adaptations that allow for a 4th Fastpass using your mobile device.  Here’s what I found.

I was travelling solo, so I thought it might be easier to find some decent 4th Fastpass+ on my phone.  At 11:50am I had completed my 3 Fastpass+ choices for the day and found almost nothing available.

Pros and Cons of the new 4th Fastpass+ from your mobile device


  1. You can book a 4th Fastpass right after tapping your MagicBand or ticket at the touch point for your 3rd FP+ attraction.   Just pull out your device and click away.
  2. You can book your 4th Fastpass for any ride in any park that is currently available.  You aren’t limited to the park you’re in or any specific “tiers.”


  1. You’re allowed to book only 1 or 2 Fastpass+ per day, if you desire, but it has ZERO benefit doing that.  You’re still limited to completing your “tiers” in Hollywood Studios and Epcot and there were no E-ticket attractions available at 9:30am.
  2. While I’m excited to know that Olaf will appear soon in Hollywood Studios, I wasn’t happy to see him crashing My Disney Experince over and over and over and over and over.
  3. 4th Fastpass on day 1 test was almost a total waste.

Olaf crashing My Disney Experience

If you find a FP for anything in a park you’d like for that 4th FP+, take it.  Even if you don’t like it.  You might be able to click update about 6123 times until it shows something you’d actually like.  If not, you’ve killed your phone and you’ll have a legimate excuse when your boss calls from Schenectady.

11:52am search for single 4th FP

Animal Kingdom

  • It’s tough to be a bug 12:30pm
  • Primeval Whirl 3:35pm


  • Living with the Land 11:55pm and after
  • Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival 1:05pm and after
  • Seas with Nemo 2:45pm and after
  • Crush 1:50pm and after

Hollywood Studios

  • Fantasmic 7:55pm

Magic Kingdom

  • it’s a small world 10:40pm
  • Dumbo 6:40pm and after
  • Haunted Mansion 5:20pm and after
  • Jungle Cruise 9:30pm
  • Mad tea party 7:35pm and after
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic 1:40pm and after
  • Monsters Inc Laugh Floor 7:45pm

My advice:  Book your 3 Fastpass+ offerings the moment they come available, which is 60 days for onsite guests (for length of stay) and 30 days for all offsite guests including Annual Passholders.  Cast Members have even fewer options with a limit of 7 days out.  Find the best Fastpass+ options and build your touring plan on Character Locator, then stick to it.  Not many options as you’re touring the parks.   Early planner gets the Fastpass!

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  1. If this was true 2 years ago, it is no longer. Tips:
    -Refresh! New stuff continually becomes available as people change or cancel their plans, and Disney even dumps extra FPs into the system thru the day.
    -Close the app and re-open. Sometimes something gets frozen, especially when your MDE account has 4 ppl simultaneously on their phones poking around in it searching and changing stuff.
    -Do get confused. People mistake the message “no more FPs available”. They think they’ve hit their limit, or can’t get another Tier 1, or FP for everything has already been distributed for the day. But none of this is true! If you can’t find anything, go back to the first tip- Refresh!

    Thank you for letting me help you have a magical day :D

  2. I haven’t had a ton better luck with a 4th FP+, but it has been better than those selections! (Except once, when we got TSMM as a 4th FP+. Someone must have just cancelled.)

  3. looking at MDE at 3:30 on 4/11 I am seeing better attraction availability today. Very disapointed yesterday, but hopeful that it will not be as bleak going forward. However, it is clear that more guests will prusue a 4th FPP from their phone than when being forced to visiting a kiosk, which made you “work for it a bit” just like the old paper FP.

  4. I was able to book my FP’s from 12-1am last night, but system kept crashing, saying, “Oops, unable to process, try again layer”. It took awhile, but persistence paid off. Do not give up! Love the feature under the title of each attraction saying ng view details. using this, you can pick any available time that doesn’t overlap with other FP times.

    I know booking a FP+ for parades isn’t always recommended, but I book ed one for us for the afternoon parade. It is such a great parade, and not having to fight the crowds is worth it for us.

    Good luck, plan early, and don’t give up! You CAN do this!

    Counting down to our June 10th trip. :)

  5. when did primeveal whirl become fastpass? Maybe thats why it had a long wait on Easter. I have never seen it have a line 15 minutes after park opening, not even during Christmas! It usually doesnt get wait for a full hour! We didnt have to wait very long, but we did wait maybe 10 minutes about 15 minutes after park opening. When we got off the wait was 30 minutes! We used to be able to ride Everest and walk over to Dino land and have it to ourselves for about at least 45 minutes! We were able to get a fourth and fifth fastpass in magic kingdom during Easter week for Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain but its probably because everyone was in a 2 hour line at the kiosks. I went across the park to an out of the way kiosk that only a few people know about! Now that everyone can do it on their phone I am sure you wont be able to get anything! Our best touring times were rope drop and late nights. We got there at 7 am at Magic Kingdom on an 8 am opening one day and by 7 20 the line was crazy! By 11 am we had done 6 major rides so we ate lunch and headed back to condo for a rest. We came back at 5, ate at Be Our Guest, did fastpasses and stayed until 2 am for EMH and rode several other rides. We rode 7DMT 3 times that day with 15 minutes or less of a wait. People were waiting in a 2 and a half hour line! Thanks Kenny!

  6. Seems the only benefit initially is that you don’t have to stand in line at a kiosk and/or you can be in one park and book FP in another park from phone. Additional FPs in MK have been about the same rides you listed on my trips there with the addition of Little Mermaid.

  7. The only time I found value in booking a 4th Fastpass was at Magic Kingdom. In fact, the only rides we rode were the ones we had Fastpasses for because the lines were so long everywhere else! I suspect it’s because of all the construction going on at the other parks, Magic Kingdom has been super crowded.

  8. This is very disappointing. With the new FP+ system, my family averaged 10 FPs a day in MK during our trip in Aug. Do you think more rides will be available as the system works through some bumps?

    • I’m in the same boat. I telecommute from Syracuse and my boss telecommutes from Ballston Spa, so close enough on the Schenectady part! :)

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