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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to offer new “Sense of Africa” tour

Senses of Africa tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Fill your appetite for delicious food, great story telling and animal interaction with Animal Kingdom Lodge’s new “Sense of Africa” tour.

A new tour that will begin on April 5, 2016 will allow you to begin with a delicious Boma breakfast before the restaurant opens to the public.  You’ll sample the regular breakfast buffet AND some exclusive dishes created just for this special tour.

You’ll then be presented some terrific stories by an authentic Cast Member from Africa who will also share many hidden details of Boma.

You’ll then board a safari truck for up close viewing of many of the lodge’s beautiful animal species that could include giraffes and okapi.

The Sense of Africa tour is available to guests 10 years and older and will cost $249.99 per person.  Annual Passholders and DVC member will receive a 15% discount.  Only 12 guests per day will take part and it is only available on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Is this tour something you’d enjoy?



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