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Rivers of Light previews coming very soon!

Rivers of Light

Cast Members are receiving information that Rivers of Light will begin Cast Member previews, followed by other previews very soon!

According to Cast the first Cast Member previews are scheduled to begin April 6, 8, 9, 12 and 13.

Public preview events that I mentioned recently should be offered on April 15, 16 and 17.  Premium preview night is supposed to be April 15, as I reported.  It is a paid event that is supposed to be limited to Annual Passholders and DVC members with a limit of 4,000 paid guests.  It is unsure among Cast if the 16 & 17 will be paid events or open for Annual Passholders and DVC member to register.

Press event for Rivers of Light is scheduled for April 19 and April 22, 2016 will begin regular shows.  As I previously announced, you should expect showings at 8:30pm & 9:45pm with possible 3rd shows added at 11:00pm, if needed.

We are still waiting on a Rivers of Light Dining Package that should also line up with things I’ve mentioned before.


  1. I must have missed your “previously announced” but thank you for your guess on times. We are trying to make plans out in September and assumed it would be around 8p. I’m glad our guess was in line with yours!

  2. I wonder if APs and DVC members will be allowed to buy tickets for guests for the premium event. Probably not with the strict limit on numbers. Was hoping that event would be open to anyone who wants to pay, but I guess that is just not feasible.

    • In my excitement I missed that the first set of previews are for Cast Members. Darn it!
      Wish we could stay a few more days to see it!

  3. We will be in AK on May 18. Are you expecting FASTPASSES to be available for this, and if yes, when should I start watching for them? As always, a huge thanks!

  4. So there will be a preview on April 19? Will there be an additional cost for this event? I had read earlier in the month that there would be. Just would like clarification if possible. Thank you!

  5. – Do we know till when this will go on?
    AK is bf favorite park for bf however when look in September it show park closing at 5 pm? :( so I thought no river of the lights

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