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Is Marie the Cat is leaving the Magic Kingdom?

Marie leaving Magic Kingdom and Stitch is coming

I reported to you back on February 29, 2016 that it appeared that Marie would be getting removed from not only the Magic Kingdom, but meet and greets at Walt Disney World.  So what’s going on with this darling kitten.

According to multiple Cast Members Marie from the Aristocats final day at the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney World regular meets will be Friday, March 25, 2016.  My daughters will be very disappointed to lose Marie.  We’ve been visiting with her since she met in Epcot many years ago.

She will be replaced by Stitch.  I’m sure Stitch fans will be excited to see him.  Stitch is supposed to return on Saturday March 26, 2016


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  1. I heard from a cast member that there may be hope to reinstate her in France pavilion after Elsa & Anna shift from MK. Aurora will then shuffle to fantasy fair leaving room for Marie in Paris. Here’s to hoping! She is hands-down my favorite Disney character!

  2. Well just another let down. I swear I wish I had planned this for before spring break. I hope they put her back to the France pavilion. That was the only reason I was going to Epcot.

  3. Is Stitch still gonna be a regular character in the Magic Kingdom? I’m happy with it as long as Stitch is there. And next time when I get back there, I would want to have a picture with him or or in the Grand Polynesian Resort. And we don’t want him to get replaced by Moana and her crew, because I love him so much as well as Elsa from “Frozen”.

    And also, I want him as well as Daisy Duck and Chip and Dale back in Disney on Ice’s 100 Years of Magic so they can join the Frozen crew since they’re all major characters.

  4. This is a shame. Her meet and greet always has a long line and my granddaughter has been wanting to meet with her at each of our visits and has never had the chance. Why would they remove such a popular character?? This is terrible

      • Exactly. When my daughter was little we couldn’t find any Marie merchandise, then it was flooded. Not sure what is going on but Disney just get everyone back in love with Marie with all the merchandise and now they are removing her. My other daughter is still upset she cant meet any of the other fairy’s besides Tinkerbell, Fawn is her favorite. Sad…

    • I think Stitch still appears in Tomorrowland. And I always want him in the Polynesian Resort without being replaced by Moana and her crew. And I want Stitch as well as Daisy Duck, and Chip and Dale back in Disney on Ice’s “100 Years of Magic” just to join the Frozen gang.

    • No. I don’t want that to happen. I always want Stitch in the Magic Kingdom and Grand Polynesian without being replaced by Moana.

      • Guess we will have to visit Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort to meet her for now along with her brothers.

      • Kenny, on your Character Locator, Stitch will be back? Where will he be? And, may I just make a suggestion? I absolutely LOVE Character Locator!! I have been making a touring plan, and I added a lot of other characters. It is becoming very difficult to drag a character name from the top all the way to the bottom. Another question: On CL (Character Locator) Fairy Godmother days may not be there everyday. Is she still there sometimes? Are Suzy and Perla there now? Thanks so much Kenny, this website is my go to Disney helper website. :)

      • Flag pole. It’s detailed and mapped on Character Locator.
        Drag it part way, then drag it the rest?
        I can’t promise you either FG or S&P will be out any day. Just give it a shot and see who shows up.

      • She was and still is my favorite character to interact at the parks. I haven’t seen a character act this nice around guests since Minnie.

      • You would think Disney would have moved her back to the France Pavilion in Epcot since Stitch is replacing her at MK but they decided to retire her.

  5. This is so sad!! My daughter LOVES Marie!! She was almost in tears when she got to meet her in December. She was so happy to meet her favorite character. I wish they would reconsider. Just sad to see another classic go

  6. I’m done with disney now. Back when you published this rumor we decided we would not renew our annual pass if they cut her. She is our absolute favorite. …sometimes we visit her twice in one trip because she’s a great meet and greet experience. How will they sell their marie merchandise now? The reason we got into the character And bought her merch was because of her fun meet and greet. Our annual pass will expire April 18th and will not be renewed. Also plan to cancel my disney visa since i have no need to earn rewards to use on upcoming trips. This is the last straw for me. Disney’s made so many cuts….well, I just cut them.

    • While Lady Tremaine and The Fairy Godmother have been cut at WDW it’s Marie that hit me the hardest. Hopefully she might return to meeting at Epcot in the future. Maybe like how Thumper suddenly returned to meeting at WDW in AK sometime in the late 2000’s since Thumper hadn’t been seen at WDW since the mid 70’s.

      • Fairy Godmother appears, just not on a regular schedule. She isn’t going to Epcot any time soon.

    • Well said I managed to get a meet with Marie last Sept. She gives the best hugs and I’m not a fan of stitch. Hate Disney are making cuts and changes boo Disney Booo !!

  7. Aw I wish they would at least move Marie back to France in Epcot & bring back Remy at Les Chef’s de France!! Ugh all of them! Its so much a part of the experience. My kids will be happy to see Stitch, but still why do they keep removing characters? They want us to plan so far in advance & then keep changing everything. Oh well it is what it is. We all still keep going! ;)

    • Maybe bring Toulouse and Berlioz at Epcot if Marie ever returns to meeting at the France Pavilion in the future. But that might be doubtful since her brothers are currently exclusive to Paris and Tokyo at the moment.

  8. Disney is becoming less “magical” if they replaced her with ShellieMay that would be one thing but to replace her with Stitch – yuck! My son has avoided this character and I personally don’t blame him.

  9. We will miss Marie but so excited to see Stitch back. Stitch is my kiddos favorite and now I won’t have to pay for O’Hana since that is the only place he currently is.

  10. Wow that breaks my heart for my kids. My daughters especially my youngest will be sooo upset. This is her favorite. Her bedroom is filled with Marie and its the first character she meets. I have never understood why all characters cant be there. Why does Disney have to remove them? Kids don’t stop watching the movies and buying the merchandise so why cant they meet them? I would rather have more options than 20 Mickeys, Donald’s, and Goofys. The worst part is you plan a trip 6 months in advance only for Disney to change everything right before you go.

  11. this is terrible we love marie she is adorable especially right in front of the castle dont get me wrong we love stitch too but in front of the castle much rather prefer marie. not sure if stitch is still over in animal kingdom but i know he is in ohana for breakfast

    • Even though she might look out of place at the Magic Kingdom. It’s the easiest for guests to find her once they enter past the train station while in Epcot most guests aren’t even aware that she was meetable since the France Pavilion looks empty most of the time.

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