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Skipper Canteen dining in Magic Kingdom to offer same day reservations

Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen coming to Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Skipper Canteen at the Magic Kingdom has only offered walk-up reservations since it opened.  Guests arrive at the location, which is tucked back out of the way, in Adventureland, request a reservation time and are texted when their reservation is available.  Next week they will offer a new test.

From February 12 to 17, 2016 guests will be allowed to make same-day ONLY reservations via phone at 407-993-1933 OR at www.jungleskippercanteen.com  Skipper Canteen has grossly underperformed since it opened.  Some feel it’s due to the oddly named dishes and semi-exotic dishes, while others say it’s because it’s hard to find, other say it’s because people can’t use the regular Disney Dining search for a reservation.  We’ll see if they dumb down the menu or begin to offer Advanced Reservations in the future.



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  1. I was so excited when I heard it was opening…but there is nothing “plain” for a 6 yr old to eat !! Toss a PLAIN butter pasta in there..or a plain nugget !!!

  2. I walked right past it last week (didn’t think it was hard to find) and it looked closed. No one was in it/ around it. It was a Thursday around lunch time…? I thought- “Hey there’s the new restaurant! I wonder when it’s opening.” Menu looks good, I think!

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