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Win a free Mom Approved Costume dress

Mom Approved Costumes Cinderella Day Dress Giveaway

My girls really enjoyed dressing as Disney princesses when they were little, but they often complained that the costumes were “itchy.”  We took our little one to Bibiddi Bobiddi Boutique and she might have spent 2 or 3 hours in the dress before she had to give up due to the irritation.  Christy from Mom Approved Costumes saw this issue and decided that she could create machine washable, affordable AND comfortable costumes for children.  She wants to share her blessing and give away a FREE Cinderella Day Dress to one of my readers!

Mom Approved Costumes Cinderella Day Dress Giveaway

All you need to do in order to enter is comment here on this post and share the post on Facebook and/or Pinterest.  Winner will be chosen on February 29, 2016 and will be notified by email, so be sure to share a valid email address in the comment (not publicly viewable).

Anyone visiting Mom Approved Costumes and placing an order will receive 10% off their order with the code Pirate at the final checkout step.  Affordable costumes range from $24.99 to $49.99 and include great costumes for Boys and Girls, as well as accessories.  Check out her site and let me know what you think.

Mom Approved Costumes


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  1. Shared on Pinterest. I was so excited to read about these and would love for my daughter to try one out. She always complains that the princess dresses are itchy and she won’t wear them. These sound wonderful.

  2. This is such a great giveaway! What an amazing solution to the itchy dirty dresses! My two daughters are obsessed with princesses and I’ve been struggling with what to wear for our character meals since I don’t want them wearing a costume all day! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful item!

  3. This would be the perfect outfit for my daughter for when we go to Disney World in Sept. She loves Cinderella! I love that the costume is lightweight and comfy. Perfect for my 4 yr old!

  4. OMG, my sweet little niece would LOVE one of these! She’s outgrown many of the store dresses because of her height. Thanks so much for thinking of the kids that still love to dress up, but might too big for the itchy store ones (that only stay on a few hours until they start itching or are too hot).

  5. My husband and I have two girls (2+6) that LOVE dressing up, and we were JUST talking about how we hate that we can’t wash the dresses that we buy at the store without ruining a gem, or an embellishment!! SO happy to have found this site! Would LOVE to win a free Cinderella dress but I will definitely be buying some in the future!!!! And that Cinderella day dress is perfect! When my 6 year old wears her Matilda Jane knot dress she calls it her “Cinderella dress” and walks around feeding mice all day!!! We NEED this dress!!

  6. I love theses dresses! My daughter just got her first one- the Sofia dress!-today as a gift! I can’t wait to collect them all!

  7. I love this! my daughter recently used her birthday money to buy a dress up sofia the first dress… that has to be hand washed and glitter just poured off ot it, and is still getting everywhere.

  8. This dress is absolutely adorable. My daughter loves dressing up, this would be perfect for our upcoming trip to Disney World!!

  9. This would be awesome! No more itches or wearing clothes under your costume….or leaving trails of glitter everywhere! Definitely shared

  10. Both my daughters (ages 5 and 8) always pick one of these dresses for their Halloween costumes, birthday wish lists, etc. We are big fans! I think the Cinderella day dress might be one of the only ones that is not already in our house. I wonder if they might be willing to clean their rooms without complaint if they were able to have one of these . . .

  11. My daughter hates the ruffle collar on the Snow White dress I ordered her from the Disney Store for Christmas. A Mom Approved dress would be a perfect replacement!

  12. Oh my goodness my Disney obsessed princess would love this! We’ll actually be in Disney when you winner is selected. Hope it’s my Evarella! Thanks!

  13. Simply adorable and washable! Way to go mom! My daughter loves to pretend she’s Cinderella with her stuffed, Jack & Gus Gus. Thank you for your generosity. :)

  14. Thank you Kenny and Christy! I can’t wait to check out her items! My six year old loves to dress up especially when we visit Mickey but it gets annoying fast! A super huge high five for the coupon code!!!
    Happy to share on FB and Pinterest!

  15. I love these dresses. We own the Else and Anna dresses and my daughter wears them all the time. I would love to add another one of these dresses to her dress up wardrobe.

  16. It seems everyone complains that they are itchy (my daughter included), so I’m surprised Disney hasn’t tried to find better quality.

    If this shop can sell these nice-looking dresses for this price, Disney should be able to with their economy of scale. And these do look nice – it’s too bad my daughter has grown out of that phase. :(

  17. So cute, I can’t wait until my daughter can wear these, she is 5 months but my niece would love one now. Will have to look at one for her birthday!

  18. I love these costumes. My daughter got her first one as a Christmas gift this year! I would love to add to her collection!

  19. We ordered a Rapunzel dress for my daughter for our trip last year from Mom Approved Costumes and it was perfect! My daughter wore it for 3 days with no complaints of itchiness, and it washed beautifully. She got tons of compliments on the dress! The Cinderella dress is adorable!

  20. I love that I have found these. Would love to win one for my daughter. She is only 6, but very tall and mature for her age and wears a 12/14 so I love that these come in bigger and tween sizes.

  21. Love this! I love glitter but some of the dresses from the store have way too much! Having a dress that my daughter can be comfortable wearing at home and the parksecond would be wonderful!

  22. Oh I would love this for my daughter! We live in Orlando and have passes to Disney, and she cries and cries because she always wants to wear dresses and can’t because of how itchy they are! For once I’d love to take her in a dress!!!

  23. This is very smart! Can’t believe the yellow Belle gown is machine washable! I’m going to sign up for the newsletter on her website to see if more styles come out.

  24. My little one has sensory issues and often can’t wear the off the rack princess costumes. These look great! I can’t wait to try them out.

  25. I think this is a great idea. Could someone post a photo showing what makes the neckline and seams nonirritating please.

  26. Winning this would be fantastic! My 2 year old daughter is adamant that her name is Cinderella. She will sound it out REAL clear for you if you say it’s not! She’d look adorable in this dress for her visit to Walt Disney World in September! We’d love to win! :)

  27. This is such a great idea! My daughter is just getting into wearing costumes and dress-up play. She is so particular about her clothes being comfortable. These would be perfect for her to wear in Disney!!

  28. I love this! We’re going in June with a 2 year old girl and I was terribly worried about her being uncomfortable. Crossing my fingers!

  29. I will def. look into these as I have 2 girls who would love to wear princess dresses but the other ones are so miserable I would never let them!! Thanks

  30. These costumes are wonderful! My daughter loves dressing up as her favorite princess but cries when she wears the ones from Disney due to the itchy and sometimes painful seams. We were lucky enough to get one of these Mom Approved dresses for our trip a little while ago and my daughter happily wore it all day in the park, even slept in it! It would be so great to win one for her to dress up in now! Thank you for the great giveaway :)

  31. This is great. My trips to the parks are a constant on again off again with my daughter’s princess dresses. She wants to wear the dress, then it bothers her so she wants it off, but then she wants it on again, and so it continues all day.

  32. Tips like this are why I LOVE social media. Thank you for sharing! This is a BRILLIANT solution for my 3 girls who LOVE to dress up!

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