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Merry CharacterMas with 12 days of prizes and discounts!



2015 has been the best year that KennythePirate.com and Character Locator has ever experienced!  I thought it would be appropriate to give back.  Beginning today through Christmas Day, I’ll be giving away Disney prizes AND for the next 12 days you can purchase or renew your Character Locator subscription for 25% off!

Character Locator Discount

Visit Character Locator and enter the code CharacterMas and the 25% off discount will be applied at checkout.   Your new subscription will be valid for 12 months.  If you’d like to use it for a renewal, it will add 12 months to your current subscription.  It’s going to be sooooo worth it for 2016 as we are adding a ton of new features and information including a bunch more parks!

12 days of Disney Gifts!

Beginning now, through and including Christmas day, I’ll be giving away a variety of Disney gifts including Whacky Wobblers, Pop figures, dolls, and Disney Showcase items from collections like the Muppets, Big Hero 6 and Frozen!  Runners up will receive Character Locator vinyl window stickers too.

Here’s how to win:

  1.  The Merry CharacterMas Icon below will be hidden on one of my KennythePirate.Com planning pages (not news or rumors).  Find it.  It will move around each day.  (This  page DOES NOT count, so another is already hidden somewhere on the site in one of my planning pages above or on the left side bar.
  2. Post “Merry CharacterMas” on the comments with your name and provide a valid email (hidden from public view).
  3. Be sure to share this link with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest, so they have a chance to win that day as well!

Gifts likely will not arrive in time for Christmas day, but will be a pleasant gift following the actual holiday.  I’ll contact the winners via email!


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  1. Just checking to see if the contest is still going on. I looked for the logo, but found it on the same page where it was back on the 15th. Thanks!

  2. Have you been moving the Santa Icon? Ive noticed it on the same page the last couple of days. Just wanted to make sure that Im not missing something.

  3. Im not Sure if this is The right place to leave a comment on your touring plans, but I wanted to say Thank you so much for all the custom made touring plans you made for our trip! I have recommend it to all my friends and would recommend it to everybody! It was just unbelievable how easy it was and how we literally walked to everything. Never had to wait to long or do a long line! My husband who wasn’t a believer at the beginning, kept taking about how amazing your touring plans were and how thanks to you our trip was flawless in such a busy time of the year! Thank you so much and we would never go to Disney with your touring plans! Your are by far the best! We are extremely happy and greatful that we found you!
    Happy Holidays!
    Pilar Bustamante

  4. Is it a random drawing or whoever finds it first type of deal? Should I be looking every day for the logo? Thanks for the giveaway, your site is awesome! Also, thanks for the discount, just renewed my sub to cover our trip next year!

  5. Just to be clear… the icon will be hidden in your characterlocator.com site, and once we find it, we need to post under that page’s comments “Merry CharacterMas” ,our name and email?

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