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2015 Mickey’s Halloween party Disneyland review

2015 Mickey’s Halloween party Disneyland review

Disneyland Mickey’s Halloween party reviewMaleficent at Disneyland Halloween Party

I had the opportunity to visit the first Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland on Friday and thought you might like to hear about the experience.  I looked at picking up my party wristband in Frontierland, but there was an insanely long line that didn’t appear to be moving much, so I left the park to return through the main gates.  Lines seemed long here, but they moved very quickly.  They scan your ticket and place a wristband on your wrist, then you can pick up a candy bag and map.  You can enter Disneyland up to 3 hours early only using your party ticket.

Entry area at Disneyland Halloween Party

Signs give you some info about the party.  Mickey’s Toontown closes early for the pre-party.  It will close 2 hours before regular closing and re-open 1 hour before the party begins.  If your party begins at 6pm, the pre-party is 5pm to 7pm.  If your party begins at 7pm, the pre-party is from 6pm to 8pm.

Disneyland Mickey's Halloween Party

Signage at Disneyland Halloween Party

Festive balloons are added within the park to set the stage for the fun and to help guests find candy trail stops.
Decor at Disneyland Halloween Party

Oh!  Candy!

Decor at Disneyland Halloween Party

I arrived at the toontown entrance at 5:30 and found a big cluster of people just standing around.  I walked closer to the entry point in front of it’s a small world because few people seemed to know what was going on.  I was able to meet Donald and Daisy in front of City Hall with a short wait.  Sorcerer Donald and Western Daisy at Disneyland Halloween Party I then popped over to meet Goofy in his Candy Company outfit.  I should have jumped right back in the Donald and Daisy line in order to see Mickey and Minnie, but hey, I didn’t know.


Candy Company Goofy at Disneyland Halloween Party

Candy Company Goofy at Disneyland Halloween Party

Chip was dressed as a Cop and Dale was a robber.  You get these two and chaos is sure to happen.  I think Chip was a bit aggressive with Dale. I hope Dale doesn’t file charges against him.

Cop Chip and Robber Dale at Disneyland Halloween PartyCop Chip and Robber Dale at Disneyland Halloween PartyI had to wait until Mickey and Minnie’s second set would begin at 7:30pm before I was able to meet them, but it was worth it for these great costumes.  Zorro Mickey and Candy Corn Daisy.  Mickey and Minnie had a REALLY long line.Zorro Mickey and Candy Corn Minnie at Disneyland Halloween PartyZorro Mickey and Candy Corn Minnie at Disneyland Halloween PartyMeeting Villains was really high on my list, especially Maleficent and Hades.  I hustled down to town square expecting an insane line.  Characters weren’t signing autographs, so the line actually moved pretty fast and no CMs were screaming or anything.  It was a very calm and pleasant wait.  You get to meet 3 villains with one wait line in front of the Railroad.  One set is Queen Grimhilde, Cruella and Maleficent with the Queen of Hearts roaming and the other is Gov. Ratcliffe, Jafar and Hades with Tremaine Family roaming.Queen Grimhilde at Disneyland Halloween PartyI also found the Queen meeting guests during the day near the Alice in Wonderland restrooms.Queen Grimhilde at Disneyland Halloween Party Each of the ladies was spot on for the evening.Cruella De Vil at Disneyland Halloween PartyI also found Cruella wandering Town Square during the daylight hours.Cruella De Vil at Disneyland Halloween Party I think Maleficent enjoys her job a bit too much.Maleficent at Disneyland Halloween PartyMaleficent does not meet guests during the day, so this is your only opportunity.Maleficent at Disneyland Halloween PartyMaleficent at Disneyland Halloween PartyQueen of Hearts also meets during the day and often with the Mad Hatter and or Alice.Queen of Hearts at Disneyland Halloween PartyOnce the line was closed to prepare for the Paint the Night parade, I went wandering to see who else was out.  I found Prince Ali and Genie in Adventureland.  Wait for these guys was very short, but it’s a matter of timing their schedule.  Genie meets during the day but Aladdin takes Prince Ali’s place.Prince Ali and Genie at Disneyland Halloween PartySpooky Rivers of America.  Ambiance at Disneyland Halloween PartyFrontierland boat dock was transformed into Pirate Wharf.   Pirate Decor at Disneyland Halloween PartyPirate Wharf offers Capt Hook, Peter Pan & Wendy or Jack Sparrow depending upon your timing.Capt Hook, Peter Pan and Wendy at Disneyland Halloween PartyI collected a little candy and went back to get in line for the male villains.  I was told they would return at 9:40, so I returned about 9:30.  Well, the female villains had the 9:40 slot, so I fell to the back of the line and found the men at around 10:20pm.  Again I waited a longer time, but I wanted to meet Hades.  I caught the higher fireworks and music from my location. Gov. Ratcliffe does not visit guests during the day.Gov. Ratcliffe at Disneyland Halloween PartyDuring Halloween Time, Jafar rotates with Genie/Aladdin/Jasmine at Aladdin’s Oasis in Adventureland.  I asked what happened to Iago and he said he flew away.  Jafar at Disneyland Halloween PartyA really rare villain to meet these days.  Especially if you are a Disney World guest where your chances are ZERO percent.Hades at Disneyland Halloween PartyHades at Disneyland Halloween PartyI met a new friend at the party and we waited to meet Chip n Dale and ended up with Donald.  He cut out after and I stuck it out at Pirate Palooza in Rancho Del Zocalo to meet Chip n Dale.Chip n Dale with Pluto at Disneyland Halloween PartyGot the bonus of meeting Pluto as well.Pluto with Chip n Dale Pirates at Disneyland Halloween PartyPIrate Donald Duck at Disneyland Halloween Party Some crazy pirate entertainers were out along with the multistop treat trail.Pirate Palooza at Disneyland Halloween PartyMickey and Minnie were out at Big Thunder Ranch in a different Halloween costume than they wore during the day. Woody, Jessie and Bullseye weren’t far away, but I didn’t get to meet them. Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland Halloween PartyMore decor in FrontierlandDecor at Disneyland Halloween PartyDecor at Disneyland Halloween Party

Characters you might meet include:


      • Genie and Prince Ali – usually 15 minutes or less

Critter Country

      • Rabbit
      • Tigger
      • Winnie the Pooh

Fantasy Faire

      • Princesses – including Mulan – usually short waits


Big Thunder Ranch

      • Bullseye, & Woody or Jessie  – 10 to 15 minutes was normal
      • Mickey and Minnie – 30 to 45 minutes

Pirate Wharf

      • Capt. Hook, Peter Pan, Wendy – 30 minutes
      • Jack Sparrow – 30 minutes

Racho Del Zocalo – Pirate Palooza

      • Chip n Dale – 15 minutes but rotate quickly
      • Donald Duck
      • Pluto

it’s a small world

      • Merida – 20 to 30 minutes (day as well)

New Orleans Square

      • Jack Skellington and Sally (day as well)  They do have a special backdrop during the party.


      • Captain America (day as well)

Town Square:

      • Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, Queen Grimhilde – 40-45 minutes
      • Gov. Ratcliffe, Hades Jafar – 40-45 minutes


      • Cadaver Dans – 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 10:45 (6pm parties), 11:00pm 7pm parties
      • Halloween Screams – 9:30pm
      • Monsters U Dance Party – 7:45, 8:45, 9:45, 10:45pm
      • Paint the Night Parade – 8:50pm (View on any other night)


I really enjoyed my time at Mickey’s Halloween Party.  Character meet lines usually moved pretty quickly so more guests could get a photo with their favorite characters.


      • Great fireworks show
      • Great character rotation and costumes
      • Pre-party gives you extra time and unique costumes.
      • Character lines usually move quickly
      • Lots of candy because the trails all have multiple stations.  Go later in party
      • Extra small entertainment like talking scarecrows and crazy pirates.


      • No themed parade.  Paint the Night is the best parade I’ve seen, but I saw it on another night to take advantage of lower character lines.  Boo-to-You in Disney World is really something special in Halloween season.
      • No special Halloween show.  Disney World offers a special show (Sanderson Sisters) multiple times per night, but Disneyland does not.

My Mickey’s Halloween Party tips

  • Arrive early!  You can use an hour or hour and a half just to ride or enjoy a dinner.
  • Don’t waste time waiting for characters you can meet during the day like Jack and Sally or most Princesses!
  • Wait until the last hour to gather candy.  Lines are really long early and non-existent late.  You can fill your bag pretty quickly in final hour.
  • Arrive way early for Toontown pre-party and head right behind the gazebo in the main square to meet Donald and Daisy.  Immediately get back in same line to meet Mickey and Minnie, then meet Goofy / Chip n Dale.  Pluto has no line.
  • Don’t bother doing rides.  You can do those all day with little or no wait.  Disneyland opened at 8am and I walked around an uncrowded park for over 2 hours riding all I wanted.  Haunted Mansion Holiday was walk on for 2 hours and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy rarely topped 30 minutes.  Each offers Fastpass as well.
  • Don’t spend party time watching Paint the Night.  It’s amazing, but watch it ANY other night!
  • You can have a great, uncrowded view of Halloween Screams half way down Main Street.  Everyone stuffs themselves into the hub area.
  • Annual Passholders get a FREE gift!  You’ll receive a black Disneyland 60th draw string bag and special treat by visiting the Opera house.  Also, there’s Mickey cartoons showing in Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln if you need a little A/C break.
  • There is no such thing as a “best party.”  Every party will sell out!  As of September 27, only October 27 and 29 remain!
  • Dress up and have fun!

As a Character Locator, I give my vote for favorite US Disney Halloween Party to Disneyland!  With only 2 parties that aren’t sold out already, I think others cast similar votes.  I had such a nice time in Disneyland and at the party that I’ve actually considered flying back out with my little girl.

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Sarah Anne

Wednesday 7th of October 2015

Yes! This is great to have for Disneyland because I know how valuable your information is for Disney World.


Wednesday 7th of October 2015



Thursday 1st of October 2015

Thanks :) btw do all characters(mainly Villains) have a PhotoPass photographer with them? First time doing the Halloween Party at Disneyland, so not sure if it differs from WDW's Halloween event.


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

For Captain Hook, did you see some guests take a picture with just him? Looking to take pictures with just the main Villains.. wondering if guests Have To take a picture with Peter Pan, Wendy, (or Smee) in the picture to get Captain Hook, then I might just skip that Meet & Greet line :) Thanks


Thursday 1st of October 2015

Hook appeared during the day as well. You could ask for photo with just him if you like


Tuesday 29th of September 2015

I'm glad your party went better than mine; I went last night. Met Rabbit & Tigger, then Pooh with about a 20 minute wait starting at 6. Wish we had known about Toontown pre-party, did not really see this advertised anywhere and I thought I heard they had stopped doing it. Got in line for Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, they switched out with Peter Pan & Wendy (did not see/hear about Jack Sparrow rotating with them at any point). That line was about 30 minutes. Then I made my way into the disastrous Mickey/Minnie line. I waited 60 minutes and only made it 2/3 of the way through. No idea why it was taking so long but when they took their second cheese break I gave up in favor of Paint the Night. Met Queen of Hearts while she was strolling. Watched parade and fireworks. Let the hordes of people flow out of the park before joining the villains line at 10:15. Ooops, the line was cut for the evening. Very disappointing. We left immediately after that rather than continue fighting character lines. The park itself did not seem very crowded. We did not get as much candy as I expected, even at the end of the night. I think I prefer WDW's party. Easier to make some sort of plan there as more info is available regarding it.


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

That's what you'll have me for in the future :)


Tuesday 29th of September 2015

Peter Pan & Wendy, as well as Captain Hook & Mr. Smee, were signing. I was specifically told that none of Pooh & Friends would be signing.


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Correct Pooh gang and Villains don't sign

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