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Disney’s Aladdin A Musical Spectacular to be replaced by a Frozen musical

Disney’s Aladdin  A Musical Spectacular to be replaced by a Frozen musical

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Sad news was released overnight for fan’s of Disney California Adventure’s “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” show.  The show will be officially retired in January 2016 with a new Frozen show replacing it.

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The Hyperion Theater has been home to the Broadway quality musical Aladdin since the park first opened and has played to rave reviews and has a bevy of rabid fans.  The pop culture reference jokes that the Genie performs live each day keep the audience in stitches and will be sorely missed by many.  I’m glad to be getting to see the show soon before it retires.  “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” will take its  final curtain call on January 10, 2016 after nearly 14,000 shows.

If you’re a fan of the deep freeze that the movie Frozen has placed on Disney Parks worldwide, you’ll be excited to hear that Disney California Adventure will play host to a new Frozen live musical beginning Summer 2016 (likely June).   The show will offer “elaborate costumes and sets, stunning special effects and surprising scenic transformations.”

Rumors have abounded for several years that Aladdin would be replaced.  But fans spoke up and the park retained the musical celebration.  I’m sure the new Frozen show will be amazing and fun, but this just seems like overkill to me.  It seems like everywhere you turn is Frozen merchandise, Frozen shows, Frozen summer celebrations.  I’d love to see them more fully develop more of their other franchises.

What do you think?

P.S.  My apology for the earlier “TEST” email that was sent inadvertently yesterday!

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Saturday 9th of January 2016

Why in the world are they taking out Aladdin, honestly Frozen has enough stuff and it is taking over. THEY NEED TO STOP. Keep the wonderful classic of Aladdin. The genie is the best character and always make us laugh no matter how many times we see it.


Saturday 9th of January 2016

I'm not too fond of yet another Frozen thing either. Do Tangled or some other movie


Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Why are they taking away their best show? The entire performance is so wonderful no matter how many times I see it. I absolutely LOVE this production at DCA. Aladdin deserves to stay at California Adventure for a longer period of time! Please keep Aladdin alive at DCA!! this show makes my Disney trips worth every penny!


Sunday 13th of September 2015

Extremely disappointing news. What in the world are you doing Disney?! Taking away the Aladdin show? Seriously!? Please keep the Aladdin show. Listen to all of the feedback you are receiving. We want to keep Aladdin. This show is always the HIGHLIGHT of my many trips to Disneyland. Seeing Aladdin come alive on stage at DCA is ultimately THE BEST part of my trips. Even to this day I always hear people raving about this show. Renovate the stage/effects if the technology is outdated! Do NOT replace this show! KEEP ALADDIN.


Thursday 10th of September 2015

I am very disappointed to hear of this news. Frozen is a great movie but I have had enough of it. there is nothing better than the classic Disney that every one loves! We were planning a trip to DL in 2016. We won't be able to see this show that everyone raves about. So bummed.


Thursday 10th of September 2015

I wish DHS had gotten the Tangled show that was rumored a few years back. :(

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