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Video: Some characters get no love


This Saturday Night Live skit isn’t very accurate, but it is very hilarious!  It features Blake Shelton as Jooooohn Smith.Saturday Night Live John Smith skit

The video never appeared on air because it was cut for time. Of course, the line for Jooooohn Smith would have a longer line than Gaston if he ever actually appeared outside of a runDisney event.

I’m thinking of dressing like “Going away to college Andy” for Halloween.


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  1. FYI you have pizzafari listed on the character locator dining as open but it is closed. Also as of today Daisy is in a new location …she is on the same trail as Tarzan. Daisy is on the branch that is closest to the Africa bridge…they will not let people walk past Daisy to get to Tarzan…they are making them go over to the other branch of the “y” to get to him. Hope that is helpful. Thanks for all of the great character info on your site.

  2. Will do when we get home. Also FYI. Pizza fari is closed and behind a big wall. Also Daisy is now in a safari type outfit (darkish brown not khaki)

  3. Want me to email you a picture for reference…anything to help out this great site! He was really cool when we met him!

  4. We met John a Smith with Pocahontas at a 2008 Pirate and Princess party. DD was dressed as Pocahontas it was priceless. They were tucked back roughly where Tiana’s Glen area is. We wish he would come out for more meet and greets!

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