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Will Joy and Sadness from Pixar’s Inside Out offer meet and greets at Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

Joy and Sadness from Inside Out coming to Epcot in Walt Disney World


Joy and Sadness from Inside Out Pixar Movie

Update January 21, 2016

Joy and Sadness will soon begin meeting at Disney World’s Epcot!!!

What’s going on with the characters from Pixar’s upcoming movie “Inside Out?”  The Disney Parks blog recently offered a “meet up” with a preview of the new movie, which was phenomenal by the way, and following the movie they offered the attendees a special meet and greet with the emotion characters Joy and Sadness.  But will they do meet and greets at Walt Disney World or Disneyland?

The Disney Parks marketing representative confirmed at the blog meet up movie premier at Downtown Disney that the characters from Pixar’s upcoming movie “Inside Out” will NOT be offering special in park meet and greets at any of the Disney Parks.Inside Out Characters Sadness and Joy at Disney Parks Blog Meet

Why would such adorable characters not meet?

This is the information I was given.  They will not offer meet and greets because Baymax and Hiro were held over at Hollywood Studios and Synergy didn’t want to pay the bill to offer another in park movie tie-in meet and greet at this time.  I can’t confirm if that is the real reason, but it was what I was told.  It’s ashamed because character development did an amazing job on these characters.

Inside Out Emotions Joy and Sadness meet and greet KennythePirate
Inside Out Characters Sadness and Joy at Disney Parks Blog Meet

Hasn’t Pixar offered a meet and greet tie-in for each of it’s movie?

Actually, no.  Wall-E never offered a meet and greet in any park.  I met him at D23’s first ever convention, but he has never offered in park meet and greets.  All the other Pixar movies have offered meets of some type and many still continue at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  For those wondering Nemo did offer a meet and greet for a short time at Epcot.

WallE 2009 (3)

Disneyland Characters, Nemo
This photo is from the grand opening for the Finding Nemo Sub ride in Disneyland in 2007. We had met him once previous at the Seas Pavillion in Epcot.

I doubt that this news will bring Joy, but Anger, Sadness, Fear and Disgust are emotions too.  Which emotion does this bring for you?



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  1. They have it now already, but they are not in Disney World or Disneyland. Besides, Hong Kong Disneyland has one inside out meet n greet.

  2. It’s Because Frozen exploded like it did, it’s a money making thing and everyone likes it. But I can’t see why this movie can’t be showcased at the parks. I think it would bring a lot more people in.

  3. It’s really sad that they can’t or won’t find a place for an Inside Out meet and great. Joy and Sadness look awesome in their photos so it’s a shame that more people won’t get the chance to visit with them in person.

  4. I hope they do bring them to the parks. My children loved this movie.. they need to give this movie and its characters a chance to explode like ana and elsa did with Frozen. I think that would be so cool to meet these characters, and I’m a parent.

  5. I wonder if Disney reads our comments? This is one of those baffling moves – hard to understand why Disney doesn’t just give the people what they want. We visit every year and are delighted when we get a new or unique meet and greet. My kids were delighted to meet Baymax last Dec, and on a previous trip they got to meet Ralph and Vanellope, also. I don’t know why you would go to the trouble of making the characters if you won’t use them for your loyal fans? I have long wished Disney would pull unique and old characters out for meets more often. I think Epcot would be a great place for this meet!

  6. Could this change if this thing Blockbusters at the box office?

    I just can’t imagine they just sit on it completely, after Frozen’s Success, and the way summer movies are getting traction this year, I am estimating a big opening weekend!

  7. We did the meet and greet at the blog meet up as well, and I totally agree these character designs are awesome!

  8. Even though my kids would like to meet Baymax I know they won’t at the current line lengths. Ironically, for a movie they haven’t seen yet in Inside Out, I know my oldest would wait for any length of time necessary. Bummer they won’t be doing a M&G. Thanks for your information KtP!

  9. This stinks! My kiddo is already in love with the characters and they’ve been promoting like crazy. All the feedback from from the movie has been positive. They look awesome too! :(

  10. I think they could find some room for them. They manage to keep Buzz, Woody, Jesse, Mike, Sully, etc. I think they are really missing out on customer satisfaction here.

  11. It brought a little sadness as I would have loved to surprise my 6yo with a ‘Joy’ and ‘Sadness’ meet ‘n greet. We aren’t going until September. Do you we know how long Baymax and Hiro have been held over for? Possibly there is ‘Hope’ yet!

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