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Dinoland Dance Party coming to an end but Tarzan could be swinging into Animal Kingdom

Dinoland Dance Party coming to an end

The Dinoland Dance Party has been a popular activity with Animal Kingdom guests.  People enjoy being able to see and dance with some otherwise rare characters.  Unfortunately, this attraction is coming to an end.

Saturday, May 9 is supposed to be the final day for this dance party.  Disney will begin testing some other things in the park and Tarzan is supposed to begin offering regular meets for the busy summer season as well.


  1. This was easily one of the top 3 things my kids loved about our trip last year! Thanks for the information you had given so we were able to enjoy it last year. We were having to skip it this year due to constraints so guess it takes away the sting of not doing it. Hopefully whatever else they add will be just as good.

  2. That is a disappointment. One of the few events with “random” and “rare” characters is going away. I was hoping to catch it on our next visit but always worried it would get cut because it seemed to good to be true meeting some of those rare characters.

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