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Be Our Guest Restaurant Breakfast allows pre-ordering

Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Breakfast

Be Our Guest Restaurant to begin allowing breakfast pre-ordering as they do for their lunch seating.

Beginning April 10, 2015 guests will be allowed to begin pre-ordering their breakfast selections from the My Disney Experience website or app through their “My Reservations” feature.  Guests will be allowed to pre-order from 30 days out from their reservation up to 5 minutes before the meal.

You should receive an email notifying you that you can make your selections.  You don’t have to use the process, but it does save some time.  You can make changes once you arrive at Be Our Guest Restaurant as well.


  1. Hi Kenny. We aren’t really breakfast people but I do have an 8:15 AM reservation at Be Our Guest this Thursday primarily to get faster access to the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. How does that work? Will it definitely help us with the line there since we were unable to get a FP for that ride? Or are we just as well off to wait for rope drop over by the tea cups? Thanks!

  2. Hi Kenny, thanks for all the great info. It’s our first trip and we’re super excited that we got a breakfast reservation at “Be Our Guest”. Do you know if we would be able to order “The Grey Stuff” dessert at breakfast (I don’t see it on their breakfast menu)? We’re only visiting the Magic Kingdom for one day and really wanted to try it.

  3. Have you written a review yet for the breakfast? We’re eating her 4/26, and I’m trying to decide between the eggs florentine and the bacon/egg open faced sandwich.

  4. Hi, Kenny! Do you know how far in advance reservations can be made for breakfast? I’m trying to get one for September, but as far as I can tell, reservations haven’t be opened up for then yet. Thanks!

  5. Hi Kenny! Thanks for all the advice you have available, I’ve been using lots of your tips in planning our upcoming trip :)
    Do you know, with how the process at BOG works, if we can go back to order more food once our 1sts have been delivered to our table? I read somewhere, that if you want something the only chance you have to speak with someone is when your order is delivered to your table, because (being a QS) they don’t come back… But, would we be allowed to go to the ordering kiosks for additional items if needed?

    • You could return to the kiosks, but the time is limited before they change over to lunch and you’d be blocked.

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