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Star Wars Weekends 2015 Show Schedules and who will NOT be signing autographs

Star Wars Weekends Fastpass+ Shows


Yesterday I discussed the Upcoming Star Wars Weekends Celebrity appearances.  Some of those celebrities will NOT sign autographs and I’d like to present you with most of the Star Wars Weekends entertainment for 2015.

Ian McDiarmid will NOT sign autographs and will only appear in the Star Wars Celebrity Motorcade and the Stars of the Saga show.  Frank Oz will NOT sign autographs and will only appear in the Motorcade, Stars of the Saga and A Conversation with Frank Oz.

The following Star Wars Weekends shows will offer Fastpass+:  Star Wars Rebels, Stars fo the Saga, An Ewok’s Tale, A Visit to the Maul, A Conversation with Frank Oz and Obi Wan and Beyond.  Weekends 1 through 3 began offering Fastpass+ to onsite guests last night.  I mentioned that to my Facebook friends then.

Each Star Wars Weekends show is a Tier 1 Fastpass+, which means you wouldn’t be able to reserve FP+ for Toy Story Midway Mania or Rock n Roller Coaster.  Guests are only seeing the shows visible on a computer, not the Disney app.

All Star Wars Weekends Shows are being presented at the Theater of the Stars (Beauty and the Beast Theater) which means that Beauty and the Beast is only offering 3 shows daily.  I haven’t seen any Fastpass availability for Beauty and the Beast, so it’s likely that it will be stand-by only.

Star Wars Weekends Fastpass+ for Shows l kennythepirate.com Star Wars Weekends Fastpass+ for Shows 2 l kennythepirate.com Star Wars Weekends Fastpass+ for Shows 3 l kennythepirate.com


Here’s the Show Schedules that I could piece together.  The Padawan Mind Challenge will return and they should offer another fun closing show this year as well, after cancelling it last year.  I just don’t have those schedules yet.

2015 Star Wars Weekends Show Schedules l kennythepirate.com


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    • No, Disney doesn’t usually release that detail. Arrive really early for best celebs and try for the time you’d like that is available.

    • It really depends upon the person. Some will accommodate a couple of items and others will limit you to one each. Just get each member of your party to get a ticket, so you can get one for each.

  1. do you know why fp+ is not yet available for SWW week V starting June 12th? Have hotel for that weekend, fp+ window is open but no SWW events listed.

    • It’s new. I’m sure they will talk about the newish cartoon show by the same name. Try a different date for Stars of the Saga?

    • You could line up 45 to 60 minutes in advance for the popular shows. Stars of the Saga and the Interviews are the top ones.

  2. Thank you for all the great info. Yesterday I snagged a fp for SotS thanks to your posts. Can’t wait for our first SWW visit.

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