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RUMOR: Could Fairy friends return to Walt Disney World

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A credible source has informed me that Disney World is considering bringing back some of Tinker Bell’s Fairy friends.  This source sent me info last fall that Maelstrom would be closed AND the new meet and greet area that was made public in January would be built.  This info was sent months before it was evident to others.

The source says that Fawn is the first (could be only) fairy friend to return to Disney World’s character lineup in some form.  The person said Fawn is receiving a new hairstyle.  The rumor states the Fawn’s costumes have been shipped back to Disney World from Disneyland.

Would you be interested in seeing Fawn, and possibly other Pixies, return to Walt Disney World? Let your voice be heard here and on my Facebook wall and contact Disney.

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  1. YES!!! I really hope this rumor is true. We brought my daughtet to Disney march 2014 and we were so lucky to see several Fairies before the nook closed. But we did not see Fawn!! We are headed back March 2016. My daughter would be ecstatic if she saw Fawn with Tink. She has always loved the fairies because there are no bad guys in the movies and no death. Every other Disney movie contains some form of death or evil.

    You probably already know this but in the last Fairy movie released last April Fawn was the star and she did indeed have a new hairstyle in the movie. Also an updated outfit as well.

    Thanks for the update!!

  2. Hi Kenny,

    Do you happen to know if any of the fairies have returned with Tink at her current meet & greet? Or is it still Tink meeting alone? Headed down in a few days and my daughter loves Fawn, so I wanted to give her a heads up if she’d be around or not. Thanks so much!

  3. Of course we need all the fairies!!! We also loved the fairy garden at Epcot flower and garden festival the year that they were promoting an upcoming Tinkerbell movie. It covered a larger area, instead of just being in the butterfly house. They had topiaries of each of the fairies. As far as I am concened, they could do so much more with the fairies. The location Tinkerbell was at last yea was terrible. In Adventureland, it was in an older building, that just seemed like an after thought.The only good thing was that it was a little tucked away, so easy to get in. Disneyland had a much more extensive Fairy area.

  4. YES! I can’t believe the fairies aren’t all there in the first place. It would be awesome to have them back. they are a part of Disney :) if you think about it (movie talking) The fairies were at pixie hollow first, and then along came Tinkerbell. WE LOVE THE FAIRIES…..BRING THEM BACK

  5. It would be really helpful if these posts (all over this site) had dates at the top. When they are pulled up in a search, a reader has to guess by the comments when something was written.

  6. Meeting the fairies were a ‘must do’ on prior trips, but when the moved tink to the front of the park and all alone, we didn’t plan to see her on our next trip. But if they bring fawn back, and the others, we would definitely need to make them part of our trips. We have never met silvermist, fawn, terrence, or periwinkle. Bring them back!!!

  7. I would make a special trip just to make sure my daughter got to meet the other fairies. Honestly, hearing they would no longer join Tink was the biggest Disney disappointment I ever had. The fairy movies are some of my daughter’s favorites, and they stopped appearing right before our first visit last year.

  8. OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE IF THEY CAME BACK THAT WOULD MAKE MY…week? month? YEAR?!! I know this is only a rumor, but the hope/possibility they could return certainly made my day (so thank you Kenny for sharing). I was so sad when they stopped meeting here and when Zarina didn’t show up for the last movie (hello missed promotional/marketing opportunity!). I love meeting the other fairies and never understood why they didn’t move with Tink (there is plenty of room in the new place). Not gonna lie, I keep checking if they’ve returned/ask if they will return most times I go. Already Disneyland had the better deal (two random fairies meet, not just always Tink with one other fairy), but when only Tink met at Disney World I was so sad. I love all of the fairies, they are so funny and so much fun. And their outfits are perfect. In order for them to become as popular as princesses, they’ve gotta meet people!

  9. I would love a chance to meet the other fairies!! Tink was so much fun I would love to see her interact with Vidia as she is my other favorite. Any of the fairies would be great though!

  10. We love meeting all the different fairies and were very disappointed when they moved them and only kept Tink. Tink is great but she isn’t someone my little wants to meet over and over like her favorite princess or Mickey Mouse. so hoping that this draws crowds so Disney will again rotate the fairy friends in with Tink.

  11. Yes, would enjoy seeing any of the fairy friends. It makes sense about Fawn given that she is a prominent figure in the new Tinker Bell movie coming out soon.

  12. On my goodness YES! i have a little one that was blown away by the meet n greet with Tink and to add some new fairies would be great

  13. Personally I’m not really interested in meeting any fairy other than Tink and I’d rather a completely different character was added. Still good to see characters getting added though.

  14. We would be SOOOO happy to see some more fairies!!! We were looking at your character pix getting ready for our trip in April, and my 5 y.o. was very disappointed when I told her the other fairies don’t meet anymore.

  15. YES!!!! My daughter was SO lucky last March to meet Vidia, Rosetta, Silvermist and Tink. She has a blank autograph page for Fawn (Periwinkle and Iridessa). We are not headed to Disney again until 2016 so I hope this rumor is not just for a short lived meet during Fawn’s new movie. Thanks for keeping us updated!! They should bring all the fairies back!

  16. Yes! It was nice to meet tinkerbell and even more magical to meet a fairy friend fory daughter. She was so bashful when she met Terrance!

  17. Yes!!! They were always so fun to interact with. It was nice to have tinks friends around. We always wanted to meet Terrence but could never catch him! The pixies are fast!

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