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Adventureland Verandah to be restored as a restaurant

Adventureland Verandah Restaurant coming to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Over the last several years the Adventureland Verandah was used to host Tarzan and Jane at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Ariel, Tinker Bell’s Magical Nook and Peter Pan’s meet and greet, but it once served as a restaurant.  It closed as a restaurant in 1994 after opening in 1971.

Construction permits have been filed that points to the location being restored as a working restaurant.   Many people have rumored that the location would have some sort of Pirates theme and some rumored that it might even be a character centric location.  Nothing has been announced, so it’s merely speculation.

This new location may open as early as November 2015 because it is set to share the same kitchen space as the Liberty Tree Tavern which is located right behind the Adventureland Veranadah


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  1. I was just telling my husband that Disney is missing a Cajun or New Orleans type of restaurant including Tiana’s beignets. Character experience buffet could include the cast of Princess & the frog – OR – Capt Hook, Smee, Peter, and Wendy! Just something other than the typical park food you can find anywhere else would be nice.

    • Agree that there’s no New Orleans style around, but Adventureland doesn’t seem like a fit for that theme. Hook, Smee and Peter would fit easily, if they go the character meal route.

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