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Anna and Elsa meet and greet offering another “TEST”

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Disney World is set to offer yet another test concerning the Anna and Elsa meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom.  They previously made guests show up early in the morning, with no warning, and pick up a paper return card.  Well, that test has long passed and Disney has decided to confuse their guests again from September 22-25.  It relates to those who were hoping to use the Stand by queue, not those with pre-arranged Fastpass+.

The Cast Members have been told to allow the queue to fill to an estimated 60 minute wait, then guests wishing to join the Stand by line, will be directed to the Philharmagic Fastpass+ kiosk or they are told they can use their My Disney Experience app to schedule a Fastpass+ for a time later in the day.  Once the additional “day of” Fastpasses are gone, you will not be allowed to meet Anna and Elsa.  These additional Fastpasses will only be released at rope drop on the mornings of September 22-25.

This seems even more confusing to me because the cards were told to go to the stand by line, but are all the Fastpass+ people now joining a single FP+ line, thereby congesting the line further?  I’ll head over in the morning and see what is actually going on with the continuing saga of Frozen confusing tests.


  1. I can only imagine, if they did have Anna and Elsa at MK, and EPCOT, and HS, my 4 year old would see them at one place, and then if he saw them somewhere else, he would get suspicious, and it would probably ruin the magic, and make him doubt all of the characters. He already questions Santa, I am glad he is very excited to meet Anna and Elsa and Mickey etc.

  2. I was not aware that they did away with the testing of the paper vouchers and does anyone know if that was even successful? If so, why change it? So what I’m wanting to find out now is in regards to the paper vouchers being handed out at Be Our Guest. Are they still doing that for lunch?

  3. Good Grief Disney what the heck ??? Kenny really looking forward to hearing your personal experience with this. There used to be a soap opera on TV called ” As the World Turns ” WDW certainly is a drama filled cliff hanger lately with all the things thrown at their customers ( formerly known as ” guests ” ) Don’t know how anyone that doesn’t know about you can deal with it all. Thanks again !

  4. We had a fastpass+ booked for anna and elsa meet and greet 68 days ago (8 days into our onsite trip, the first available day for us at the time) that we used last night in this new trial system. Basically it means there are no fastpasses anymore. It took us an hour and 10 minutes from joining the fastpass line to getting to see them. It was well over subscribed and I was furious that disney did this change with no warning to guests who had prebooked fastpasses months ago to expect over an hours wait instead of the expected 10-15 minute wait a fastpass would normally take. We missed wishes on our final MK night because of this. Horrible system. Every cast member I spoke to also said they didn’t like this trial system that they were informed about only a day or two ago.

  5. First of all, I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Kenny for providing all of the tips and schedules over the years. You have made our last 5 trips to Disney the best they could be! Unfortunately all of the changes DisneyWorld is making show me that they are not interested in having people like me as a customer any longer. We don’t stay on site, don’t do the dining plan, and plan our trips so we don’t HAVE to pay for all of the up charge events to meet all the characters. So it’s a cruise for us this year instead. Thank you so much for helping us to meet all of the characters we wanted (inc Anna & Elsa!) over the years – with no hassles!

  6. A friend who was in WDW during the last paper fastpasses said she saw someone grab a bunch with family and then turn around and sell them all. I’m guessing they’re hoping to stop that.

    And they don’t want people standing in line because people standing for 3 hours aren’t buying food, drinks, or anything.

    Why oh why they don’t have A&E in Epcot as well as MK and HS??? That I just don’t understand.

  7. We will arrive 9/26. I’m really hoping that we will be able to see them. I wonder how you can reserve another fastpass+ if we already have our 3.

  8. We went this summer with our grown children so we didn’t have an issue with this meet and greet situation. I do not understand why with a demand so high they aren’t providing more (opportunities to meet) Anna and Elsa. I would be irate if I spent the money to take my daughter to Disney World and she couldn’t meet those characters.

  9. If you go around fireworks or later, even if the sign says a large number, its usually 30 or less for Anna & Elsa. Basically if no one is coming outside the door, then its a decent wait. But they will still have the waits listed as 90+. So for the people who don’t plan to spend the entire day at MK, this test if it was implemented would just make them out of luck? Like seriously the wait is not that bad anymore unless you really rush there in the morning when everyone else is too. This is why it pays to research before you take a trip. Don’t rely on the posted wait times, try to learn from a marker point in the queue what is decent for that attraction.

  10. I am very happy that in December I am staying onsite so I will hopefully get fastpasses to them. Tried to see them a few weeks ago but the lines were always to long and the kids were to tired at the end of the night!

  11. The hilarious thing to me is we walked up almost at Park close. Saw Rapunzel, came out and went to see Anna & Elsa with maybe 5 families (posted wait of 20min) in front of us. We were back out to watch the end of Wishes. I don’t understand why they are doing all of this crap. If someone wants to wait in line for 3hrs to see a particular character then so be it. I don’t see how it changes the # of guests that the girls would see anyway!?!

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