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Maleficent face character receives new look for in-park meets

Maleficent at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012

I must say, I’m kind of dissapointed by the photos that have been popping up on the old interweb of Maleficent’s new look.  She doesn’t really look like the old or the new movie.  Looks kind of bland, kind of stale to me.  Are they trying to make her look less menacing for small children?

Maleficent at the Villains Bash 2012
Maleficent at the Villains Bash 2012
Maleficent at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
Maleficent at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012
maleficent face new look disney world epcot
New Look Maleficent @ADream_IsAWish on twitter
maleficent new look Disney World
New Look Maleficent @ADream_IsAWish on twitter



  1. Ugh. I don’t like it either. I showed the pic to my 5 year old and she said – “that’s not Maleficent. We met the real one in front of the castle last year.” ( At MNSSHP last year and thanks to all your awesome tips by the way, we knew right were to stand!) The new make up has no cheekbones! Maleficent has GORGEOUS cheekbones!

  2. There are better cosplays out there that don’t have prosthetics. A heightened eyebrow and cleaner eyeshadow job is needed. The bold red lips don’t do this look well. A new costume would really help this character, but thats less likely to happen. I wish they would add in some purple to her outfit rather than just all black and magenta.

  3. is this the actual confirmed look? this looks totally fake to me. I do not think Disney World would allow this character to go out for meet and greets looking that bad…i will not believe this until i see this “new costume look” at Not So Scary Halloween Party…

      • Yea this Maleficent look is bad. Sometimes I wonder about the casting department. I have been seeing some realllllllly bad Anna and Elsa’s at Fairytale Hall. Just a rumor now but they are considering removing Anna and Elsa meet n greets and keeping them parade only because kids have been walking in saying “thats not Elsa” daily.

  4. hate the costume and hate the makeup. She is now the lamest character in the parks. Would much rather see the new live Action Makeup OR go back to the traditional style costume and make her look mean. Lady Tremaine never changed..why should Maleficient. I personally love the baddies.

  5. Oh no! I hope that the Villains Dance Mix and Mingle/Dream Along With Mickey Maleficent is unchanged. She is divine! I’ve noticed that the VDM&M Maleficent costume is different than the other “meet-and-greet” Maleficent (like at last year’s Villain’s Unleashed event), so maybe there is hope that the “stage” Maleficent will be unchanged and still available at the MNSSHPs. …and I am positive that the changes were made to lessen her scariness factor, but come on! She’s the Mistress of All Evil!

  6. Gee, she looks really pretty now….in a green sort of way. But pretty and villain just don’t go together too well, in my world at least. Sad….but hey, I’ll console myself since I don’t get to go to the Villain Party….but then I’ll get depressed because we’re going to MNSSHP. Sigh……

  7. now i could care less if I ever got to meet her. that’s a shame because she was on my top 5 list of wanting to meet. Now she looks like something I could do at home. The costume looks like something you’d get at walmart.

  8. I really don’t like this change. Yes, during the last few minutes of the Disney Side party, when we saw her, her chin was falling off; however, the new one just looks like amateur cosplay.

  9. I second disappointment. She looked ‘harsh’ before, but in a Villainous way. Now she looks like a home-face painting job for a Halloween costume. I like them better in a more ‘stage makeup’ feel

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