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Which characters have already been confirmed to appear at Villains Unleashed?

Uncommon or Unlikely Characters at Disney World

Updated 8/13/14

I will update this list as more characters are confirmed for the event.  There are a number of other characters that will appear, but Disney hasn’t confirmed them yet.  Some that seem really likely would include Evil Queen, Gov. Ratcliffe, Lotso, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, Prince John, Gamorrean Guard and Tusken Raiders.

Some that could be seen as probable would include the Horace and Jasper, and Stomboli

Some that are unknown at this time include:  Imperial Guard, Cheshire Cat, Yzma & Kronk, Snow White’s Old Hag, Hyenas.

NOTE:  Cheshire Cat, Yzma & Kronk will NOT appear!

Hades Hangout
Sorcerer’s Hat Dance Party
Hades – will not meet
Megara – will not meet
Pain – will not meet
Panic – will not meet
Queen of Hearts
Sheriff of Nottingham
Big Bad Wolf
Captain Hook
*J. Worthington Foulfellow
*Mr. Smee
Villains Dominion
Streets of America
Cruella De Vil
Dr. Facilier
Shan Yu
Bowler Hat Guy
Captain Gantu
Dr. Hamsterviel
Lady Tremaine
Star Wars Characters
Star Tours Area
Boba Fett
Darth Maul
Darth Vader
Zam Wessell
Aurra Sing
Asajj Ventress
Jango Fett
*Emperor Palpatine
Villainous Encounters
Hector Barbossa
Captain Jack Show
Maleficent – movie form
Animation Courtyard
Constantine the Muppet – Soundstage One next to Muppet Vision 3D
Oogie Boogie Show
Oogie Boogie – will not meet


What villains would YOU like to see at this event?


  1. I went last year and it was CRAZY. I’m hoping cause its a hard ticketed event it will turn people off to it and will be a Little calmer(like a Halloween party in October calm…lol)

  2. It’s likely that Hans might make his WDW debut at this event, but Disney would never confirm this because that would make the lines extremely long and crowd the whole park. I mean they never announced that the Hades gang would be at Rock Your Disney Side and those lines were outrageous. Oh and I’m glad that none of the characters will be not signing.

  3. Kenny, do you have any idea how they are going to organize the characters at “Villains Dominion” on Streets of America? Is it going to be like Character Palooza on steroids, and the characters just come out and people are going to trample each other to get pictures, or will there be set lines for each character (hopefully set up better than at Unleash the Villains!).

    I was really excited about this event, but as Mr. Angell pointed out it seems Disney took away a lot of the super rare meet and greets (i.e. Hades group, Oogie Boogie, Yzma/Kronk), and it is basically the special event parties with a few added villains. For $70/person I was expecting something a little more unique.

    Maybe I am wrong, but it seems that EVERYONE is going to charge Captain Gantu, Dr. Hamsterviel, and maybe Shan Yu, and I’ll refrain from using expletives to describe the situation. What are your thoughts?

    • Even if everyone does try and meet Gantu, Hamsterviel, and Shan Yu, they won’t be signing, so lines will move quickly.

      • The problem is that these characters are listed as “roamers” which is how Character Palooza works. That means there won’t be a line, and autographs don’t even matter. My concern is the pushing/shoving and general lack of civility at an event like this. I can’t tell you how many times my girlfriend was shoved hard at last years Villains event because people were going ballistic to meet the characters. The potential lack of organization at this particular area is very reminiscent of Echo Lake last year.

    • The lines at Rock Your Disney Side were about 40 minutes long, after you exclude Scary Tale Hall and the Hades gang, and most of those characters signed. Since they aren’t signing and it’s a hard ticket event (which means they can stop selling tickets if they feel it will be too crowded), lines should be around that or even shorter

    • That sucks because Kronk was supposed to test at Epcot sometime in June but his set and Launchpads were cancelled at the last minute

  4. Nice list so far but for a hard ticket event its kind of wrong that a lot of these characters are non meetable because there on stage thats really not fair.Most the characters there offering M&G have been at the last two parties.My son cried last time they closed the line on us for oogie boogie with only one person in front of us after waiting over two hrs.They could of least brought out Kronk and Yzma for this kind of event i think.

  5. Kenny, Are you anticipating that some of the characters that you have listed for Hades Hangout WILL be available for meets except the Hercules crew?

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