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Has the Frozen Summer of Fun with Anna, Elsa and Kristoff made an impact on special character meets?

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My little girl told Genie that the Police were after him.

Reports have varied on what will happen with Character Palooza since the Frozen Summer of Fun stuff began this weekend at Hollywood Studios.  Some have said it would be canceled, some have said it would be moved, some have said it would be spread out.  What actually happened?

I stopped by Hollywood Studios today to see what was going on.  I had a friend tell me what would be going on, but didn’t want to share until I could observe it myself.  Last week it was temporarily relocated to Echo Lake because Lights, Motors, Action’s last show was at 5:30pm, which meant it would exit right as Character Palooza was beginning.

First off, Character Palooza is connected to Fantasmic and isn’t affected character wise by the Frozen activities, but the Streets of America are affected.  San Francisco Street is totally blocked off by a really large queue that was set up for the Frozen Sing a Long, which is funny because you only need to stop by and get a return time fastpass type card to enter anyway.

So, what happened to Character Palooza?

Not much.  It was just moved from San Francisco Street to New York Street today which is right around the corner.  It began about 6:00pm, which is what I have listed on www.characterlocator.com.  The crowds were pretty crazy though, so don’t expect to get in a bunch of meets until the crowds subside.  Character Palooza should continue to occur on New York Street unless Disney decides to do some sort of switcheroo.

If you’re wondering the characters came and went from this exit next to Pizza Planet.  Please don’t try to hinder them as they come an go.


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  1. Thanks for checking on this. It’s been a couple of weeks since the Frozen stuff happened. Have their been any more
    changes to crowd patterns, etc?

    Seems to me like the Palooza would be incredibly busy with the Sing-Along traffic added into the mix. Is this the case?

  2. Ok. So one minute it’s by Echo Lake, the next it’s on New York street. This is very confusing. How are we supposed to keep track of these locations?

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