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KennythePirate’s Ultimate Magic Kingdom tour – The Quest for 100 – May 23, 2014 Part TWO #DisneySide

KennythePirate’s Ultimate Magic Kingdom tour – The Quest for 100 – May 23, 2014 Part TWO #DisneySide

KennythePirate’s Ultimate Magic Kingdom Experience on the Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour day.

“The Quest for 100″ – Part TWO

We left off our previous entry at Noon on May 23.  We had conquered 35 attractions in about 6 hours and we were on Main Street USA.

36. Buzz Lightyear next to his ride

We entered the line at 12:08pm and hoped for a short wait because the line wasn’t very long to meet him.  We waited 12 minutes to meet him and he was excited that we were making great progress out our ultimate tour.

Buzz Lightyear in the Magic KingdomHe was stampin’ up as usual that day.

Buzz Lightyear stamp autograph37.  Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover.

We probably made a mistake by going ahead and riding this now because we would end up with a much longer wait for Alice in Wonderland that we would hope.  We didn’t sleep, but we were pretty tired already.  It was well above 90 degrees and we’d been on our feet for quite a while.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover Magic Kingdom

38.  Alice in Wonderland and White Rabbit.

This meet and greet and most other in park meets aren’t required to complete an Ultimate Tour, but we wanted to try to squeeze it in so we could reach our goal of 100 in a single operational day.  We ended up waiting about 30 minutes!  We usually don’t wait more than 10 minutes to meet these characters.  The lines for characters were no reaching ridiculous levels.  Alice was thrilled to meet the real Tweedles and have a photo with us.Alice and White Rabbit in Magic Kingdom

She and the White Rabbit each signed out book.  As you can see we dogear the pages to make it easier to find the next blank page.Alice in Wonderland Autograph White Rabbit autograph

39. Chip n Dale – Frontierland

We hopped in line to meet the chipmunks at 1:18pm and the wait took 15 minutes.  We were one of the last families to meet them for the day.  Dale is looking a little sneaky, isn’t he?Chip n Dale Magic Kingdom Chip n Dale autograph

40.  Stitch – underneath the Peoplemover.

Shade, glorious, wonderful, cooling shade!  That’s what we thought as we stood in line briefly to wait on Stitch to return from his quick Mahi Mahi break.  This was one of our shortest waits to meet a character all day and Stitch was being mischevious as usual.  He tried to rub his finger on Jordyn afterward.Stitch Magic Kingdom Stitch Autograph

41.  The Tremaine Family – beside the Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom window near the Castle.

The Disney app said that the Tremaines would return at 2:00pm, so we lined up early to avoid ANOTHER long character wait.  They arrived a couple of minutes late, so we waited a total of 15 minutes. They are always a lot of fun to interact with.  So, it’s about 2:00 and we’ve completed 41 attractions.  Our average has slipped to about 5.125 per hour.  Still pretty good and the average we hoped to see for the full day.Anastasia, Drizella and Lady Tremaine Magic Kingdom

Tremaine Family autograph

42. The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob

We leave the Castle and hustle back over to Frontierland to find The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob playing some of their yee haw tunes.  This is a fun, little show that many guests miss.  It really adds to the old west appeal of the area.The Notorious Banjo Brothers and Bob in Magic Kingdom

43.  Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade

We dropped in some quarters and did some great shooting.  I tried to focus my gun and realized it was shooting a little low.  Jordyn was impressed that I was hitting target after target from long range.  I shoot breach because I’m left eye dominate and right-handed.  As a child, my dad used to take us out into the woods with 22 rifle to do some target practice with old cans.  I would always miss until I learned in school that I’m left eye dominate.  This attraction and the Tomorrowland Arcade are required attractions, so be sure to bring a bunch of quarters with you.Frontierland Shootin' Arcade

44. Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial

It’s always fun to see lots of little pirates taking their pledge.  One day, many years from now some little guy or girl may have to take over this blog, right?  I (state your name)…Captain Jack Sparrow's Pirate Tutorial  in Magic Kingdom

45.  A Pirate’s Adventure – King’s Ransom

We spent the next 37 minutes playing the A Pirate’s Adventure games.  We had never played these games, so we didn’t know where all the landmarks were.  The rules required a photo with each final stop.  We took photos of every stop in case anyone wants to see them in the future.  Ultimate tourists are required to complete one mission and the rest are bonus points.A Pirate's Adventure King's Ransom  in Magic Kingdom

46.  A Pirate’s Adventure – Blackbeard.

This final window left us befuddled.  We were searching all over the store and didn’t realize it was way up in the front of the store.  The cast members didn’t know where each symbol was located or they were playing coy because it is a “treasure hunt.”

During this mission a person told me that Touring Plans should pay us to do all this promotion for their site.  LOL.  I have no problem giving some respect to Len for what he created.  I used that giant bible known as the Ultimate Guide on our first family trip and it helped us a great deal.  I apprenticed by learning a great deal from their information before realizing there is no good resource for those who wish to meet characters and ride rides.  The apprentice eventually becomes a master.

A Pirate's Adventure Blackbeard  in Magic Kingdom

47.  A Pirate’s Adventure – Heads you lose

We completed our third Pirate’s Adventure with a few minutes to spare before the daytime parade would step off in Frontierland.  I was impressed with the selfie quality of the Samsung S5 when good lighting was available.  I took photos and recorded data all day long with this phone too.  Late at night we switched to our old pocket Canon to take low light photos.A Pirate's Adventure Heads you lose  in Magic Kingdom

48. Festival of Fantasy Parade

We found a nice little shady spot across from Pecos Bill right along the tape.  We kept having people trying to stop in front of us.  NOPE, move along.  Not gonna happen pal.  You’re welcome to stand behind us in the empty space, by my toes are on the tape my friend.  The rules required us to take a photo with the first and last floats and allow one to walk along the parade, but we just stayed put.Festival of Fantasy Parade  in Magic Kingdom Festival of Fantasy parade final float  in Magic KingdomWhen Anna and Elsa appeared people began running up the rope and one child actually ran under the rope, but fortunately the Cast Member caught him before he got to the float.

Festival of Fantasy Parade Anna and Elsa in Magic Kingdom

Tink hit us with a little Pixie dust that we’d need later in the night.Tinker Bell in Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom

We found the source of the unseasonably hot weather
Dragon in Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom

49. Woody and Jessie – Splash Mountain Exit area

We made our way through the growing crowd to the Woody and Jessie meet and greet area.  We waited 21 minutes to meet them and they rotated offstage right after us or we would have had to wait even longer. Terrible photo on my part.  The one that Woody appeared better in was all shaky.
Woody and Jessie  in Magic Kingdom Jessie autograph Woody autograph

50. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Earlier in the day, we had arranged Fastpass+ for Big Thunder Mountain.  We were going to head straight to Tom Sawyer Island first, but the Cast Members in the area were begging for riders.  We were like, umm we don’t want to wait 45 minutes.  The lady said to ignore it because the ride was a walk-on.  She was right, there was NO ONE in line.  We just changed our Fastpass+ from Big Thunder to Buzz Lightyear.

NOTE:  Most people don’t realize they can change their FP+ after acquiring it at a kiosk.  If they don’t have what you want, grab the earliest one possible and keep trying to change the time or experience until you find what you like.Big Thunder Mountain Railroad  in Magic Kingdom

51. Tom Sawyer Island

We headed over to Tom Sawyer Island to do the three things that are required for this tour to be complete.  Tourists are required to walk across the Barrel Bridge, walk through a cave and shoot a gun in the rifle roost.Tom Sawyer Island Barrel Bridge  in Magic Kingdom Tom Sawyer Island Cave  in Magic Kingdom Tom Sawyer Island Rifle RoostWe exited Tom Sawyer Island at 4:39pm

52. Swiss Family Treehouse

We were heading back to Town Square for the required Flag Retreat and had a few minutes to spare.  We noticed hardly anyone was climbing the tree, so we enduring the heat and viewed this attraction.  The climb was brutal because I was tired from 11 hours of running all over the place.  This photo is taken at the highest point in the tree to prove we climbed the whole thing.Swiss Family Treehouse in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

53. Flag Retreat

We made it back to Town Square with a few minutes to spare, so we took a short restroom break and waited in the shade until one minute before it began.  We ran into some other ultimate tourists.  They are usually easy to spot because they carry notepads with all kinds of stuff scribbled on them.  One group was on attraction 41 or 42 about now.  Pretty good for their first ever attempt!Flag Retreat in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Don’t worry the lady is wearing pants.  Lolin Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

The rules require someone to stay until the flag is removed from the pole.  I told the other Ultimate Tourists and they said, “Then why are you staying around?” I wasn’t I headed off to Casey’s Corner Pianist and they followed along after checking to see if the Glassblower was still working.  in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

54. Casey’s Corner Pianist

The Casey’s Corner Pianist is another one of those unheralded fun little shows that take place daily.  The gentleman playing the piano is a long time Cast Member and he usually allows a child to help play a song or two.Casey's Corner Pianist in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

55. Dream Along with Mickey

I love this fun castle show.  I wish they would keep things fresh and create a new show since it’s been running for 7 years, but it’s still a great show that shows some popular villains and heroes battling it out.  Hint…good always wins in the Disneyverse.Dream Along with Mickey in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

This chic is really popular among character fans.  The line to meet her late at night were actually longer than the line to meet Anna and Elsa.  She even appeared for select guests in her new Live Action Movie form.  Those guests were given special tickets with the Maleficent horns.  Maleficent in in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

56. Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it Street Party.

We had ten minutes to burn.  We journeyed over to Cosmic Ray’s to quickly purchase some chicken nuggets and a large soda to give us a little pick-me-up while watching the parade enter the castle hub.  Guests are required to be in the hub when it appears and stay until the floats begin leaving.Move it Shake it Celebrate it in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

The final MiSiCi of the day featured some type of fan voting.  We obviously didn’t vote.  One of the choices made us go, huh?  This one made sense:  Cruella de Vil.Move it Shake it Celebrate it with Cruella de Vil in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Want to know where EVERY girl in the Magic Kingdom was located at 5:45pm?  Yes, the muscles are real.  They are on loan from me.  The number one question I was asked ALL DAY was “Will Hercules be meeting tonight?”  NOPE.  WDW is just going to stick him on top of a box twice today, sorry.Move it Shake it Celebrate it with Hercules in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Dr. Facilier was a good choice.Move it Shake it Celebrate it with Dr. Facilier in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Huh?Move it Shake it Celebrate it with Buzz Lightyear  in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Can’t get too much Cruella.  She is such a fun villain.Move it Shake it Celebrate it with Cruella de Vil in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

We stayed for and participated in the Street Party until the floats left the area.Move it Shake it Celebrate it Street Party in Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney WorldIt’s about 6:00pm and we’re half way through our day.  We had experienced 56 attractions which gave us an average of 4.66 per hour.  To reach our goal would require 21.46 hours of running all over the place, plus enough open attractions to accomplish the goal.

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Thursday 19th of June 2014

Where's part 3?


Friday 20th of June 2014

Coming soon. I had to work a lot lately


Thursday 12th of June 2014

Did I miss the latest installment? Would love to hear more in whether you achieved your goal.


Friday 13th of June 2014

Coming this weekend. Been busy working overtime


Monday 2nd of June 2014

Can't wait for the next installment! Having attempted 2 Ultimate Tours myself I know how painful and exciting they are and your records are absolutely impressive. You guys kick some serious Ultimate Tour butt!


Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

Thanks Brian! Hope to Jane another instalment up this week


Wednesday 28th of May 2014

This anticipation! Did you make it?! lol I cant wait to read more! Your phone takes AWESOME pictures! Way better than the iPhone...hmmm...I may have to upgrade soon lol.


Thursday 29th of May 2014

I just got my Galaxy S5 recently, so I'm still learning it. Those are just the selfie side too. The regular pics are really nice

Caryn Hanna

Wednesday 28th of May 2014

LOVE reading about your 24 hr experience! The photo documentation is great! I almost feel like I am there with you! Would love to do this one day.

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