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Which Disney World characters would you like to meet?



Click on the set of characters that you would MOST want to meet and maybe have dinner with?  (Choose one).

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  1. I voted the Villains, but I wouldn’t mind Meg, Hercules or Esmeralda either! (Or Ping?) Actually, I wouldn’t mind character meals with any face characters. I just love the interaction with them!

  2. Kenny what a great list. Usually love my villains but darkwing duck has been on my list for a long time. Saw him at a distance during a run event and been looking ever since. I think kevin had a great idea. Take a less popular restaurant and offer special character dining for a month……just look what it did for sci fi breakfast by adding starwars characters. I would pay extra to dine with rare characters

  3. I voted for Maleficent, Snow Queen, and Captain Hook… But I would also love to see Hercules, Megara, and Hades. Really, I think that they are a long shot… But wouldn’t it make TONS of sense to build these limited character meals – with DOUBLE the cost – and an engagement only over a short season? Hercules month… Or villains meals at Halloween. Mickey’s Christmas character meal… And so on. We went through pictures of my wife’s – and saw Oliver and Company characters. Think THOSE have seen the light of day since 1989? Truly, Kenny… GREAT question.

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