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Rumor Round UP: Anna & Elsa, Aurora, Snow White, Easter Bunny, Jiminy Cricket, Water Park Characters and someone named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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In the always changing beast that is Disney World Entertainment…

Anna and Elsa relocation along with Aurora and Snow White

When Anna and Elsa relocate to the Magic Kingdom’s Fairytale Hall on Sunday, April 20, 2014, they are said to be meeting alongside Princess Aurora.  Snow White will then move back to the front of the park next to City Hall.   Anna and Elsa are only guaranteed to stay until 5:00pm daily, but I would expect them to stay until everyone using FP+ to meet them and possibly everyone in the stand by line that weren’t cut off could meet them.  We’ll have to wait and see how this all plays out.  Hopefully, someone has thought ahead concerning a cut off time.  I still don’t understand why they just don’t meet all day and eliminate confusion.

After Anna and Elsa are done for the day Snow White or Jasmine could be appearing alongside Aurora for the remainder of the evening.

Water Park characters have returned

It’s been confirmed for me that the Water Park characters have returned for the Spring and Summer season.  My daughter and I will be heading over this week to visit them and get some new photos.

Easter Bunny

Mr & Mrs Easter Bunny will now be meeting on Easter from 9am – 12:15pm at the Magic Kingdom.  So their schedule is April 13-19 9:00am-2:00pm & 3:40-5:10pm and April 20 9:00am-12:15pm.  They are meeting next to City Hall, where Snow White will move.  I’ll be heading over later this week to meet Mr. and Mrs Easter Bunny.

In past years Disney bunnies have been known to pop up at other parks on Easter as well.  No guarantees if, who, where or when they will appear.  Just keep your eyes open if you’re looking for a Disney bunny.

Don’t forget to check out the resorts I listed recently to meet special characters on Easter Sunday.

After Easter schedule adjustments

Fairy Godmother will return to her old schedule on the 19th

Gaston will return to his old schedule on the 20th.

Peter Pan will return to his regular Fantasyland location on the 21st and only meet in the early morning again.

Frontierland Hoedown will return again right after Easter to it’s normal 4:45 & 5:40pm schedule.

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket has become really difficult to locate in the last several months.  I was told he was removed from Epcot Training, so he’s been basically non-existent.  I was informed recently that Jiminy Cricket could be appearing on Tuesday, which is Earth Day, at the Animal Kingdom.  It’s said that he’s appeared there for this event in the past.  He was in the Oasis area before you enter the park.  Keep your eyes open, maybe you’ll find him after the park is open.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald recently began appearing at Tokyo Disneyland.  The Disney Parks Blog hinted that he could be coming to the American parks as well.  It’s just a rumor at this point, but I’ve heard that he may be coming to Hollywood Studios this fall.  If the rumor is accurate, he would be taking the space now occupied by Ralph and Vanellope.  No specific dates were attached to the rumor.

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Friday 18th of April 2014

any word on when Aurora's redesign will be fixed and back?


Friday 18th of April 2014

Sometime this summer

Jason Gaynor

Tuesday 15th of April 2014

Where will Jiminy Cricket be found now when the special event is done?


Tuesday 15th of April 2014

He doesn't offer regular meets


Monday 14th of April 2014

When Anna and Elsa relocate to magic kingdom, will they still be at epcot?


Monday 14th of April 2014



Sunday 13th of April 2014

I've been wondering what the deal with Snow/Aurora would be. I thought it'd be nice to have Snow meet by the Mine Train when it opens, especially if they mixed it up and had a random dwarf out with her! If Ralph and Vanellope end up leaving, I'll definitely need to meet them once more - last time my pictures didn't turn out so well :) thanks for the updates, Kenny!

Jonathan Weinman

Sunday 13th of April 2014

So at princess hall it will be Cinderella and Rapunzel in one line and Aurora, Anna and Elsa for the other line? Where near city hall exactly will Snow White be?


Sunday 13th of April 2014

At the meet and greet location beside

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