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KennythePirate’s Magic Kingdom Map including Fastpass Plus locations, rides, shows, characters, dining and shopping

KennythePirate Magic Kingdom Map, KennythePirate map, Magic Kingdom Map


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The Best Disney World Magic Kingdom Map!

This Magic Kingdom map includes character locations, fastpass+ kiosk locations, rides (and whether the ride uses FP+), shows, dining and larger shopping locations. I hope you think this is the best map of the Magic Kingdom and this helps you in your Walt Disney World planning.

You’ll also be able to find these maps under the MAPS tab at the top of the blog. It will also be included in all Magic Kingdom Touring Plans that I create in the future.

Magic Kingdom Touring Plans

Click on the image for the full size version. It’s a REALLY large map


Magic Kingdom Character Location Map KennythePirate

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  1. when I click on the map it doe not come up!!!! it brings me to a blank screen with and little box with a x in it in the far left corner

  2. I love your maps! I plan on printing them out, putting them on a large notecard and laminating them.

    Do you have any smaller maps or do you know how I could achieve that? I want to be able to read everything and have it fit on the notecards

    • With the amount of detail I have on them, it would be difficult to shrink them down that small and still be readable. Tried to format it for a basic page print. Thank you for the kind words!

  3. i’m gonna post them to my facebook! your maps are sooooo much easier for me to read and direct the guests :D

  4. Ahh gotcha! I’ll look again too. I was with my trainer today and he was sending people the the diamond horse (i think that’s what he called it i’m still learning that area haha) for all their fast pass needs. your map is glorious! thanks for making it really has helped me out :D

  5. last i saw there weren’t any FP options in that area. we have been sending people to adventureland for FP. that was as of today but I might have missed it lol. i use your map as a cast member :D it helps loads!

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