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Meet the Princes with their Princesses together as Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom celebrates Valentine’s Day

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According to a trusted source, Princes will meet with their Princesses on Valentine’s Day 2014.  That means that you’ll get to see Flynn Rider with Rapunzel and Snow Prince with Snow White, Cinderella’s Prince “Charming” with Cinderella and Prince Phillip with Aurora inside Fairytale Hall in the Magic Kingdom.  In addition to these Princes, you’ll be able to find Naveen with Tiana at the Glade in the morning and Bert will meet with Mary Poppins (presumably in Town Square).  According to the source, their schedule should be 9:00am-5:00pm.  Bert’s schedule appears to end at the same time as Mary Poppins.


  1. Currently at mk no princes in sight… Just a warning and the attendants won’t tell you if they are there or not so you just have to get in line and see for yourself.

  2. Great site you have here-so current with so much! Question on the princes coming out on Valentine’s Day tomorrow-what can we expect at Cinderella’s Royal Table besides the normal princesses? We are celebrating my daughter’s 5th b-day there, and would love some surprise characters! Do they have princes there for Valentine’s Day? Awesome if they do, still awesome if not! Thanks!

  3. Several years ago we saw several couples at Hollywood studios on Valentines including Pocahontas and john smith, meg and Hercules, mary and bert, cinderella and prince charming and sleeping beauty and prince philip. I have been dying to go back on Valentines day ever since then! So jealous of everybody going this year!!

  4. Would love to meet Flynn! Sidenote- does it bother anyone else that Snow White’s prince on Once Upon a Time is referred to as “Charming” when really it is Cinderella who has Prince Charming? Or is it just me?

  5. Dang it. I wish I could be there now to meet the guys. I am not going until August and would love to meet ANY of the Princes and Flynn too.

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