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How I just got three Tier 1 Fastpass+ for Epcot and Hollywood Studios

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UPDATE:  This glitch appears to have been patched overnight.   They are getting faster with their patch times :)


With the ever-changing world that is Fastpass+ testing, there’s a couple of things that I’ve learned or heard.  I did the following on the web version.  My Droid won’t even let me login today, uggghhh!

First thing I learned today:

You can make 3 FP+ Tier ONE choices for Epcot and Hollywood Studios with just a minor amount of effort today.  Here’s how I did that:

1.  Book your regular 1 Tier ONE FP and 2 Tier TWO FP of your choice.

2.  Change one of your Tier TWO FP and it allows you to change it to a Tier ONE FP.  Repeat process with other Tier TWO changed to Tier ONE FP, based on availability.

I was able to book Maelstrom, Test Track and Soarin’ for today with a minor amount of effort on the web version of My Disney Experience.


Moments later I repeated the process for tomorrow at Hollywood Studios and changed two Tier TWO FP for two Tier ONE FP.HS-3-FPThere’s no guarantee how long this will last.  Disney could change that within seconds of me posting or keep it forever.

Second thing I heard today:

Disney is going to test the ability to do more than 3 FP+.  This is just a strong rumor, but I heard that once you’ve used up the 3 FP+ that your allowed, you’ll be able to book another one based on availability and continue to do so throughout the day.  It would still limit you to the one hour blocks of time that currently exist.  This part hasn’t been confirmed.

In other Fastpass+ news, Disney just released a new iPhone version of My Disney Experience today.  It’s said to be much faster and smoother in operation.  My brother has this version and he likes it much better.  You can download that version in the iTunes store.  If you want full character and entertainment schedules, you should get my app though :)


  1. I had great timing as Kenny’s post was the night before I trip and I made the changes immediately after seeing post, worked easy peasy. Just some feedback on how it went in parks. Hollywood Studios – no issue at RnR or TSMM. EPCOT however was a bit different – I should note on the bus over we were running late so I pushed back the Test Track FP+ I had made a few days earlier taking advantage of this glitch so perhaps that had an impact. We got TT in the window, tapped bands and got a blue light (only time MagicBand didn’t work perfectly in the 6 day trip), the cast member, not all the friendly about it, abruptly told us we had Soarin’ not Test Track. I quickly started to pull out my phone to show her otherwise and she asked me to step aside and show here. When I did she of course saw both Test Track and Soarin’ and then asked me to talk to “this guy” and pointed to a FP+ dude with an ipad standing there waiting to help. He looked us up, saw my app showing the reservations and did some typing on the ipad thing and said everything looked OK just wanted to make sure we’d be okay later in the day with other FP+ but he said it looked fine. He did ask several times when I made these (and who made them for us) – I told him I made them before our trip but changed the time only on the bus ride over. He was very friendly, escorted us back into line told the CM at the FP mickey head that we were good. We had to tap again, blue came up again but they told us to just keep it on there longer and it went from blue to green that time and then inside was fine. Soarin’ later in the day was fine as well, as was our 3rd one – Tier 2 something – Nemo I think which had no line by the end of the night.

  2. Kenny, if screen shoots work when you walk up. Whats to stop someone from just taking a screenshot deleting the fastpass+ making a new one and screenshot that one. You can just keep doing it all with tier 1 attractions. So you end up with 50 tier 1 screen shots.

  3. I hope they fixed it because those of us staying offsite are already being left with just crumbs. If they allow three top tier FP+ for everyone that can book ahead of time we will probably be left not being able to ride anything…

  4. Just tried this on the updated iphone app at both Studios and Epcot, but when I went to change them it did not give me the option to change the tier 2 to tier 1. Could they have fixed this already?

  5. Would a print out work as well as a screen shot if there were glitches?

    Also, I do like the idea of extra fast passes, but I’ve scheduled most of mine for the late afternoon/early evening, so I figure by the time I use all three all the other fast passes will be gone.

  6. I am hoping that this is not a glitch but Disney is responding to the complaints about the tier system they put in place.
    I hope we quickly (as in the next 23 days) see a solution for those of us that have park hopper tickets.

  7. If that rumor holds true it sounds like a great solution to the problem of only three FP+ in a day. The more I think of the three per day, the less I like it.

    • I agree with Scott P. I think they should let the guest with reservations book their FIRST 3 Fast Passes in advance but as they are used you should be able to book more just like anyone walking into the park that day. Limiting everyone to only 3 Fast Pass reservations is ridiculous with the Disney’s crowd especially for the busy season.

      • Michele, that’s basically what that rumor is pointing towards. Allowing guests to keep using the system throughout the day, rather than being limited to only 3. If they do that, it will be a much better system. Better than the old one IMO

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