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KennythePirate’s Animal Kingdom Fastpass+ Enabled Touring Plan with Characters for Warm Weather Months

KennythePirate's Animal Kingdom Fastpass+ Enabled Touring Plan with Characters for Warm Weather Months

Kenny the Pirate’s Fastpass+ enabled Animal Kingdom Touring Plan including characters for Warm Weather months

Attractions Characters Entertainment Hours
Menus Touring Plans    

Updated 3/9/15  The most important part of a great day at Animal Kingdom with no waits is to arrive at least 45 minutes before park opening.  If you arrive a little later and see the turnstiles already full, you might want to use the Rainforest Cafe entrance.

ktp iconThis plan was designed to be able to see all the major shows, ride every ride and meet every character in one day from 9:00 to 5:00 PM without much backtracking or rushing around.

Why did I place Kali River Rapids so late into the day?  Because I don’t like to walk around the park wet all day.  It causes chaffing and irritation.  If you choose to ride earlier, you might want to consider bringing a change of clothing along.  Ponchos don’t help very much on this ride!

Why is Kilimanjaro Safaris first on the list?  Because the animals are moving about and eating early in the day and you’ll get to save your Fastpass for another attraction.  The worst time to ride the Safaris truck is mid-day because it’s hot and the animals are sedentary and hidden in the shade.

If you aren’t using FP+ for Finding Nemo the Musical, you should plan to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early.

Animal Kingdom Character Location Map KennythePirate

Guests are allowed to choose any 3 of the following attractions:

Kiosks Locations:

  • Disney Outfitters – outside the store
  • Across from Flights of Wonder
  • Kali River Rapids
  • Primeval Whirl

Reserve Fastpass+ for the following:

  • Meet Mickey and Minnie – Reserve 11:30am FP+
  • Expedition Everest – Reserve 1:00pm FP+
  • Kali River Rapids – Reserve 2:00pm FP+

Other Fastpass+ options:

  • Dinosuar
  • Finding Nemo the Musical
  • Festival of the Lion King
KennythePirate’s Fastpass+ enabled Animal Kingdom Touring Plan including characters for Warm Weather months
Location Selection Time
Africa RIDE:  Kilimanjaro Safaris.  Head immediately to Kilimajaro Safaris and you’ll see the animals when they are the most active.
Africa Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  Walk the trails and discover the animals
Discovery Island MEET:  Daisy Duck
Discovery Island Trail MEET:  Pocahontas 9:50: AM
Dinoland MEET:  Goofy and PlutoIf they have a long line, you will want to do the Dinoland rides first and possibly wait until the end of the day to meet them.
Dinoland MEET:  Donald Duck
Dinoland RIDE:  Primeval Whirl
Dinoland RIDE:  Dinosaur. The posted wait time should be in the 10 to 20 minute range, and you’ll experience a short wait.   If you chose a Dinosaur FP+, take a ride using said FP+.  If you notice that the wait time is still low, you could switch Dinosaur for something else at the Kiosk or using Disney’s app.  Finding Nemo the Musical or Kali River Rapids would be good options.
Dinoland RIDE:  Triceratop Spin
Dinoland The Boneyard – let your kids burn off some steam while you take a break.
Discovery Island MEET:  Mickey and Minnie  USE FP+Reserve your FP+ in the 11:30 AM range
It’s Tough be a Bug MEET:  Dug and Russell 
Discovery Island Grab some lunch.  I really enjoy the Flame Tree BBQ, Anandapur Local Foods Cafe and Yak and Yeti
Theater in the Wild WATCH:   Finding Nemo the Musical. Arrive 15-20 minutes early 1:00 PM Show
Asia RIDE:  Expedition Everest Reserve FP+ for 1:00 PM, so you can use it immediately after Finding Nemo and then use Kali right after that.
Asia RIDE:  Kali River Rapids  Reserve FP+ for 2:00 PM, so you can use it immediately after Expedition Everest.  Use the FREE lockers to store your valuables.
Asia Maharajah Jungle Trek Take in the DJ Anaan or Chakranadi show and get a snack at Local Foods Cafe.  I like the Chicken Fried Rice
Asia WATCH:  Flights of Wonder 2:45 PM Show
Asia MEET:  Baloo and King Louie
Africa RIDE:  Wildlife Express Train from Africa
Conservation Station MEET:  Chip n Dale
They are located OUTSIDE the Conservation Station
Station MEET:  RafikiHe is located INSIDE the Conservation Station
Conservation Station Conservation Station and Petting Zoo
Africa RIDE:  Wildlife Express Train from Rafiki’s Planet Watch Depart by 4:30 PM
Harambe Theater WATCH: Festival of the Lion King
Arrive by 4:45 PM
5:00 PM Show
Discovery Island WATCH:  It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Watch the 3D show or do some shopping. Caution, young children may be scared by It’s Tough to be a Bug.
Optional attractions
Burudika Band
Dinoland Dance Party
DJ Anaan
GiTar Dan
Tam Tams of Harambe
Viva Gaia


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