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Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First coming to Hollywood and Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


As I previously reported on December 2, 2013, Doc McStuffins will be coming Hollywood and Vine character breakfast and lunch at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.
In addition, Sofia the First will also be added to these same character meals and will be joining Handy Manny and Jake.  They will also offer a new musical performance time.   Jake and Sofia the First offer regularly scheduled meets inside the park that don’t require a meal reservation, but Doc McStuffins and Handy Manny does not and will not offer a regular in park meet and greet outside of the restaurant for the foreseeable future.  Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First will take the places of Agent Oso and June who will no longer offer meet and greets once the change takes effect.

Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First are scheduled to begin at Hollywood and Vine on January 26, 2014.  I booked my reservation for Hollywood and Vine for 8:05 a.m. so my family can be one of the first to meet her!  You can book your reservation for Hollywood and Vine, but be sure it’s for BREAKFAST or LUNCH.  Each meal is served as a buffet.

Are you excited to finally get to meet Doc McStuffins?


  1. Enjoyed seeing doc and Sofia at lunch today. fun.

    Jake was the most interactive with us – guess it depends on the day and the mood. Happy to see the change (young daughter)

  2. How was your breakfast? Please tell me that Disney felt so bad about switching my son’s favorite characters out a week before our vacation that they still had Little Einsteins and Oso along with the new characters :)

  3. We met Sofia last September where the characters meet and greet outside of the Disney junior show. My daughter loved it, Sofia was very playful and worth the long wait we had to suffer (it was super hot). Prior to our trip we drove 2 hours to Atlanta for the special Doc Mcstuffins meet and greet with the Doc mobile. It was a mad house! The things you do for your kids happiness. I wish Disney would invest in the other characters like Amber, James and Doc’s pals.

  4. I have to say this is a welcome change but I wish Doc would do a separate meet too like Sofia & Jake. Also wish Izzy greeted with Jake- she would be a good one to meet. Never got into Oso or Little Einsteins.

  5. My daughter is 10 and loves Sofia the first – We will miss Sofia for breakfast or lunch – as we will be there the week of the 18th. Can she see Sofia at anywhere else in the park?

  6. Is there still a chance of meeting the Little Einsteins somewhere in the park? Or are they at least still in the Disney Junior live on stage show?
    Bummed that we are missing little einsteins and Oso by one week. We are coming the first week in February.

  7. Our family is going to be there the week before Doc joins this group and we’re super sad to miss Doc as she’s all my daughter talks about! However, we definitely are SO excited to meet Jake — will Cubby and Izzy be there, too? I’ve got 3 littles, and they each have their favorite character. In fact, I have to design a Cubby shirt for one of my boys for our trip ;)


  8. I have a 5-year-old, so I’ve watched some Disney Channel. And I have no real idea who June and Oso are, so this seems like an intelligent change to me.

  9. Did this meal in August & it was one of our favourites. My kids were most excited to see Special Agent Oso even though they’re a little too old to watch his show, they won’t be pleased to hear that he will be replaced!

  10. Yay! DD8 will be so happy. H & V was always a must do for lunch, this makes it even better. But DD8 will be sorry to see Oso leave. Thanks for keeping us all up to date !!!

  11. My girls will be thrilled! H&V is a must-do now for the next trip. The food doesn’t do much for me and my husband but we will suffer through for the characters. :)

  12. Disappointing. There seems to be so few “little boy” things at Disney to appeal to little boys, and my little boy LOVED meeting Oso. Do they really need another meal that includes another princess?

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