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Hollywood Studios to become the next park to “test” tiered Fastpass+ system

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Epcot recently began a “test” that allows guests to choose ONE Tier One and TWO Tier Two Fastpass+.  I wrote about that “test” recently and many people were unhappy to hear that Disney is moving forward with its plan to provide limitations on Fastpass+ usage.  Disney had stated early on that the system would be presented in a Tiered format and that eventually paper Fastpass would be eliminated from the parks.

Well, according to wdwmagic.com, the system will continue “testing” at Hollywood Studios beginning early next week.  According to their posted information, the system will be presented as follows:

Tier 1 (One selection can be made)

Tier 2 (Two selections can be made)

If I were the one being limited to one Tier 1 FP+, I would choose Toy Story Midway Mania and book it well in advance.  I would just rope drop Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and then ride Tower of Terror immediately after.  If paper Fastpass is available to you, you could use that for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, use stand by or choose single rider.

If the park is busy, the Great Movie Ride would be a good choice for one of your Tier 2 FP+ because it doesn’t offer a paper Fastpass option and can easily have a 30 minute wait.  The only other viable options to in Tier Two for me would be Star Tours and the Tower of Terror.  I wouldn’t waste my FP+ option on any of the shows.

If you have 3 Fastpass+ headliners already in your plan, DON’T change your choices!

I noticed that American Idol isn’t mentioned and it’s my opinion that many parents would prefer to use a FP+ option to pre-register their child for Jedi Training Academy.  Maybe one day Disney will see that too?

What do you think about these possible changes?

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  1. The FP+ for Fantasmic is a joke. We “used” it last week. The theater is not even set up for it. We did get seats, but just barely, and only by showing up early.

  2. Fantasmic has become a waste of FP+ since there is no center seat block for the FP+ people, all of that is now dinner package seating. FP+ seats are just wherever the stand-by people are being sent by the CMs.

What do you think?

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