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Rumor Round-up: Princess Fairytale Hall, Anna and Elsa, Villains Event, Pirates Week and Thor


Princess Fairytale Hall to open soon

We should expect Fairytale Hall to open to park guests very soon.  When looking at the Magic Kingdom schedule for Wednesday, September 18, 2013 we find that Fairytale Hall AND Town Square Theater are both listed.


The external signage and Fastpass+ entrance sign have been installed.  The meet and greet will offer one line for Cinderella and one line for Rapunzel.  Each of those princesses will be joined by one other princess.  It’s highly likely that 90% of the time you’ll meet Snow White or Aurora in those spots, but there is the potential that other Princesses could drop in, especially later in the evening.

Princess Fairytale Hall Marquee is Unveiled at Magic Kingdom Park

Anna AND Elsa will offer meet and greets

Disney has been casting BOTH Anna and Elsa for meet and greet roles in Walt Disney World.   Most credible rumors are placing Anna and Elsa in Norway somewhere, (perhaps near the water like Belle or near the Agent P sign up booth?) but it hasn’t been confirmed by Disney.  I would guess that they would begin offering meet and greets some time in Octbober.

Villains event – not all bad guys may offer meet and greets

Many people are excited about the Villains event that is going to be offered at Hollywood Studios on September 13th.  Disney has promised 13 Villains, but hasn’t confirmed the actual list of Villains appearing.  They did mention that Hades will be the host of the stage portion of the event along with his “henchmen.”  Those “henchmen” could include Megara and/or Pain & Panic.  Now character fans are getting excited, huh?  Well, there’s no guarantee that those characters will offer actual meet and greets and could be only stage performers.

It’s been said that some characters will only appear on stage, some characters may only appear for the dance party portion to dance with guests and some characters could appear for meet and greets.

Labor Day week LTM is likely another dance party at the Hat

Limited Time Magic has largely been dance parties and it appears that the trend will continue. The Monsters University Homecoming will end on September 1 at Hollywood Studios and rumors have it that a different dance party will take its place on September 2 for a short run.  This dance party would basically act as a filler between Monsters U and the 13th Villains Event.

Pirates Week could offer Limited Time Magic Pirates.

I’ve heard that Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and possibly Angelica could provide appearances for a Limited Time Magic production.  “Talk like a pirate day” is officially Thursday, September 19th, but this event could take place September 16-22.  I’ve heard from another source that Disney may offer the Pirates section of the Boo to You parade as a pre-parade section added to the beginning of the 3:00 parade.  There could be special face painting options and a Disney pin or two.

Thor to offer meet and greets at Disneyland

Now, you wish you lived on the West Coast, huh?  Thor will begin offering meet and greets at Disneyland this fall as a test.  Disney wants to gauge fan reaction to Marvel Characters in Disneyland and or California Adventure.

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  1. Do you think they will have the old FP system for fairytale hall, or skip it since he FPP rollout is eminent? Part of me was hoping for a “bonus” FP when you get one of the princesses for the other princess, but that might just be a dream.

    • Legacy FP will continue to distribute, even for the new location until FP+ is fully rolled out. We’ll know on the 18th when it opens how it exactly will work. I’d assume you’ll need to pull two FP to see them all.

  2. Do you know if Tiana is going to Fairytale Hall or if she’s staying in Lib Sq? I’ve heard both and would like to know either way

  3. Any rumours about Raph and Vanellope leaving yet? We are headed to WDW at the end of October and really hoping they’re still meeting.

  4. FASTPASS+ aside, any thoughts on whether Fairytale Hall would be new rope drop priority, or still Enchanted Tales, or is it too early to know and I should at least wait until it opens?

    • I actually prefer ETWB late at night. The area is nice, the weather is cooler and you can burn those 30 minutes without affecting other rides. I’d guess that anyone not using FP+ would want to use one Rope Drop for Rapunzel. I’d actually meet Cindy at a character meal.

  5. yes but if they have princesses meeting at the new fairytale hall, how are they going to have them at town square for the Halloween party meeting? that’s what i’m thinking is confusing.unless they have them at fairytale hall during the day & bring them to town center during the party maybe..

  6. I wonder how that will work if they have princess fairytale hall open soon,because according to news on the web you meet the 3 princesses at Town Square Theater on main st for MNSSHP

  7. Knowing disneyworld by the sound of it they will have the rare characters on stage this way you cant get a picture with them and they will probally have easy common villain characters that we all already met for the meet and greets!its a real shame how they are with the rarer characters epecially that its a one night villain party,but we can i guess we can only hope.

  8. such fun news and rumors. We are very excited about Frozen characters being at the park when we are there for the holidays.

  9. Question: if you have a FP+ for Princess Fairtale Hall will you get to meet both Cinderella and Rapunzel or will you have to choose which line to use your FP on? Thanks

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