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Rumor confirmed: Jack and Sally to meet during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Doc McStuffins


Jack and Sally confirmed!

On July 26th I posted the rumor that Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas could be joining the rotation for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Disney confirmed today that the couple will INDEED join this year’s festivities.  The couple will be found in Town Square where Phineas and Ferb were located last year.  I expect them to be VERY popular.  They only met for 3 days at Downtown Disney last year and the line was up to 4 hours long!   Phineas and Ferb aren’t leaving completely from the party.  They will join the Creepa Crew in entertaining guests along Main Street immediately before both parades.

Disney also confirmed the rumor that the Tomorrowland Dance Party during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party would begin to be hosted by Mike and Sulley.  It will be known as, “Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball” dance party on the Rockettower Plaza Stage.   Will they only be “ON” the stage, like they currently are for the Monsters University Homecoming Dance Party in Hollywood Studios???   Speaking of the Homecoming Dance Party…it is scheduled to CLOSE on September 1st.

Follow the bouncing Character Palooza

It’s been reported to me multiple times that Character Palooza has been occurring at times on the Streets of America, as I previously demonstrated and at other times the characters may appear in front of the Backlot Tour.  Stand in the shaded area in front of the Studios Catering Company and you should be able to see them arriving from either direction!  On August 21st, Character Palooza will shift to two appearances daily.  Since I’m in the area now, I’ll try to check in often to see how it all works out.

Princess Fairytale Hall to open soon

I’ve heard that Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland is close to completion and should open by mid-September.  It will offer Cinderella and one other princess in one queue line and Rapunzel with one other princess in the other queue line.  It will offer FP+, but will not offer the “Legacy” paper Fastpass option.  Shortly after the Princesses relocate, the current Town Square location is supposed to undergo a change to become a possible new meet and greet location for the Disney Fairies.  This would enable Walt Disney World to offer FP+ for Fairy meets in the future for guests wishing to use that option.  Speaking of fairies, there will be a new movie coming to DVD next year that will feature the back story of none other than Capt Hook!  (Why they can’t just bring him back for regular meets, I’ll never know!)

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins made a brief stage appearance at the D23 Expo this week, but don’t expect to see her in the parks anytime soon!  Sofia took 8 months to begin meeting after she first waved at guests in the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade.  It could be a while before we see her in the parks.

Captain America joining the Disney Magic cruise ship

“A new captain is joining the ranks of Disney Cruise Line! Just announced, Captain America will make appearances on the Disney Magic in Marvel’s Avengers Academy starting this October.

When Marvel’s Avengers Academy calls Disney’s Oceaneer Club on the Disney Magic its new seaward home, kids will have a brand-new way to enter into the Marvel Universe. Take a look at this video to hear more about the fun they’ll have during multi-day “training” and super hero missions in this cool, high-tech space.

Before you jump onboard the reimagined Disney Magic, be sure to check out the new animated series, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, on Disney XD. There’s no doubt your kids will be more than ready to unleash their inner super heroes at Marvel’s Avengers Academy!

Captain America will be one of five “captains” on the Disney Magic. Can you name the other four? Tell us in the comments!”


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  1. Really wow thats great all star wars out and it wasnt even star wars weekend.I can only hope they have some new villains out and they do meet and greets.I really like shan yu also and i would love to meet him,hes my next tattoo im getting on the same leg i got Hades on.

  2. Sounds good if i go i will definately let u know so we can meet up again and hope to get our pic with hades lol..im crossing my fingers!Im not really sure about an event on may 4th that i didnt even know about.Was there any rare meet and greets?

    • It was a star wars based event and they had all the characters out and a special fireworks show. I’m hearing that there will be one for this event as well. You hold Hades still and I’ll snap his pic :)

  3. Hi kenny i been checking websiteslike character central and inside the magic and its saying that hades,maleficent and other villains will be meet and greets.As you know im a huge villain fan and its the difference of me taking off work for a week vacation or not even going to the unleash party.Do you think they will comfirm anything for that party?I have to let them lnow at work that im not gonna be there that week.If you get any news please let me know.Thanks

    • I’m not sure Mike. You know I wouldn’t tell you they are meeting unless I’m sure, which I’m not. I hope they will meet, but when they are described as emcees, it doesn’t sound like meets. The may 4th event at dhs was well done, so let’s hope this event is as well. Come on down and hang out with me!

  4. Hi kenny i was wondering if you heard anything about the hades and maleficent pop up for meet and greets on friday the 13th in mnsshp?I hope this is true because hades is my favorite villain and i actually just got a hades tattoo of him on my whole calf of my leg.

  5. Hey Kenny, you mentioned that Characterpalooza would be expanding to twice daily from August 21st…we are going to be at Hollywood Studios the 22nd and possibly the 23rd, and I wanted to know what the new times are going to be. For reference, Fantasmic is at 8:30 and 10 on the 22nd and only 8:30 on the 23rd. Thanks very much!

  6. We’re going to be at Hollywood Studios on the 22nd and possibly the 23rd, and you mentioned that from the 21st onward, Characterpalooza will occur twice daily…do you have any idea what the times would be for these? For reference, there are two Fantasmics the 22nd (8:30 & 10) and one the 23rd (8:30). Thanks so much!

  7. Wow evil queen,malficent,jafar,frollo,Queen of hearts,cruella,and facier are very easy to meet HAlloween at mix and mingle which is great when you first meet them but they are always there every year which i guess means you guys never been to the mnsshp.If you havnt its really fun and they do a great job.Im a big villain fan and love halloween so im hoping they mix up the characters this year and bring bk shan yu,or hades,stromboli,pain and panic..Anyone of them would be great for me.

  8. Hi,
    I’m going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and I want to meet The Evil Queen and Maleficent in the worst way, is there any tips you can give me inorder to meet these 2 characters!

  9. Can you confirm this info, just want to make sure I have it right!….Aug.26 & Sept. 1 there are 2 Fantasmics at 8:30 & 10:00, does this mean Character Palooza will take place at 4:30 Echo Lake & 5:30 Streets of America? ……Thanks Kenny, your site is the best!! :)

  10. Sorry to sound stupid (insert embarrased face here!) but I just wanted to make sure I have this right…We are going to Hollywood Studios on Aug.26 & possibly again on Sept 1, each night there will be 2 Fantasmics at 8:30 & 10:00…..Am I right in assuming that Character Palooza will be at 4:30 Echo Lake & 5:30 Streets of America?….Thanks Kenny, your site is the best!! :)

  11. Please someone mention this to disney management that its Halloween and were sick of the same villains..I dont know if anyone goes to MNSSHP in the past but just like Maleificent says in the song on stage the Halloween mix and mingle show ” its Our turn to celebrate our way were gonna give it all we got on our holiday”This means more villains theres tons that dont come out anymore..Its always same 6 on stage and its not the same party when every year we see the same villains..Yea its great jack and salley are finally coming but how bout some old villains from disney movies that adults would want to see.I know its tough to keep up with DLP with there great rare characters out always but hope they can do better cuz halloween is my favorite Time of the yr in Disney..Please someone post some good news.

    • I love the villains too, and wish that more of them would be at the parties and out for more meet and greets. I would love to meet Frollo, but he’s barely at the Halloween party

  12. Is there a map anywhere to show where in Town Square Jack and Sally will be meeting? This will be our first party so I’ve no idea where Phineas & Ferb were before and I know my sister will FLIP if I can keep this a surprise for her! Looking forward to your updates on this once parties start.

  13. So the two times for CharacterPalooza after August 21st would be 430 in the vicinity of the Streets of America and 530 around Echo Lake? We are there on 23rd with the single 830 Fantasmic! and again on the 28th, but that’s a 600 close with no Fantasmic! – corporate event maybe?

  14. I don’t think it makes any sense to move the fairies to Town Square Theater. They just did a new area for them. What’s going to happen to that spot?

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